Crashing after obtaining mods

WhitesparkWhitespark Posts: 3
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Okay so lately after I got some mods I have been crashing each time I go through a teleporter. These are the mods I have:

Better Balanced Sale Prices
Gold Sharing Service
Jarcho's Class Compilation
Torchlight Texture Project
Udinbak's Pet Mod
Starch the Monster Hunter

Help would be very much appreciated, thank you!

Update: This problem does not appear to occur on the normal classes. I think it's just the Demonologist class but I am not sure so I am playing another non-normal class to find out.

Just finished playing the Airbender and as soon as I entered the portal to leave the first dungeon and go back to town my client crashed.


  • Anyone got any advice? I'd really like to be able to play with at least the Airbender class...
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