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I don't see how to work with this game's animations in Blender.

When I import a MESH and SKELETON, the "keyframes" in the SKELETON do not come in as key frames in the Dope sheet.

I am using I think it is Doshu's import/export tool hosted on Google Code. It requires the skeleton file referenced in the MESH file, but it does not correctly import that file to the Dope sheet, just the mesh and armature.

How do I do the full animation working with the import results from the script? Typically you use a dopesheet to set keyframes and pose the armature.

Also, a second problem I noticed with Doshu's import/export script is that export fails with something like "CLASS_EXPORT_OT_mesh" ... "expected a SET, not a STR".


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    The Torglight-to-Blender importer does not support the importing of TL2 animations. If you want to make animations for Torchlight 2 with Blender you have to make your own mesh, rig it and then animate it, then export it using the latest Blender2Ogre found on the OGRE forums. For Blender, Blender2Ogre is the only plugin able to export animated .SKELETON files as far as I know.

    I can't stress this enough though, you cannot just import a game's mesh with Torchlight-to-Blender, make an animation and then export that animation with the OGRE tools. Torchlight 2's .MESH files do not use shared vertices while the meshes (and subsequently, animations) exported by Blender2Ogre do. This has to do with Blender2Ogre exporting a newer .MESH version than the one TL2 uses. While the game still recognizes it, trying to mix a mesh/skeleton file with shared geometry and a mesh/skeleton isn't wise.
    In the interest of full disclosure I suppose it's possible to export animations from Blender2Ogre that work with TL2's meshes, but you'd need to have the right revision branch of Blender2Ogre' bitbucket page that's both old enough and still has the ability to export animated armatures, so good luck browsing through like 2000 revisions and compiling each by hand.

    So trying to graft a Blender-exported animated .SKELETON to the base .MESH will flat out refuse to work. Trying to graft a Blender-exported (BL2OGRE, not TL2BL) .MESH to the base animated .SKELETON, on the other side, will produce this (2 MB gif, spoilered):

    It's beautiful, isn't it? I feel proud of messing up that model that bad. But anyway. Point is no matter how you go about exporting animations, you can't import them as Dusho's import is the only one available to us and it doesn't have that capability.

    As for the export fail, make sure you have the mesh selected when you export and also that your materials are named properly. Also ctrl+A to apply rotation and scale and all that jazz.

    e: I'm actually going to do a tutorial of all of this stuff when I have the time but I'm currently toiling on my own mod stuff and that's taking up a lot of it.
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    Hi Robisinho. I cant give as good an answer as Spooks' but I thought Id tell you that many many a modder have tried what youre trying and none so far have succeeded.

    Thats actually an attempt to make you feel better by the way, not to discourage you.
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