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YOHGE3p.pngDungeon Addicts is a Multi-Game ARPG/Dungeon Crawler community on steam. We focus on providing a fun and friendly environment for people of all backgrounds as well as providing a decent place for fans of these genres to talk strategy and find others to play with. We recently decided to branch out into Torchlight 2 after several of our members decided they were enjoying the game enough to make it a permanent part of our community.

Some pros and cons to our community will be listed as follows.


We are a large community that continues to grow daily.

We offer Raidcall

We have on-staff artists to help you if you are in need of some graphics(please be patient workloads can back up a bit)

Our Admins and community leaders are friendly and fair. (You will get no childish favoritism from our staff)

We cover a large range of games so if you ever need a break you have other choices.

*We currently cover many multiplayer games and also have in-game guilds in three of them.

*We offer a list of "What Hot", which basically informs you of the games that are currently hot within our community and picking up steam. This helps you decide what "backup" game you might try.

*We have a weekly player of the week.

*We are constantly doing new things to try and keep the community fresh and active.

*We offer staffing opportunities.


*The Leader is a diabolical mind controlling space toad.

Anyways that is pretty much the skinny of Dungeon Addicts. If you would like to know more feel free to contact me on the steam group, this thread or PM me on these forums and I will answer any question you have. Thanks for considering Dungeon Addicts.



  • We now can be reached at an easier URL of www.dungeonaddicts.com
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    We are a pretty decent group of people overall and we have alot of fun. Our members come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds and amazingly we still have a pretty humane and decent group of funloving ARPG and Dungeon crawler fans.

    Neuronomad's link no longer applies to the steam group.
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