Glitch in the frenzy mechanism?

OmniWatsonOmniWatson Posts: 2
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I just made my first berserker, and I noticed something odd about the charge mechanism. I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but it was weird enough to catch my attention.

The thing is, frenzy seems to activate in two stages. In the first stage my berserker enters frenzy, gaining the appropriate crit chance and movement speed boosts. However, it does not activate the frenzy timer. The timer activates only after attacking again. For example, if the frenzy state activates with a killing blow and I do not attack anything after that, I can stay indefinitely in the "pre-activated" frenzy state with the boosted movement speed and 100% crit change until I attack again and pop the timer.

Is this indeed how frenzy is supposed to work, or is it just a bug?


  • lonerangerloneranger Posts: 102
    I don't think its a bug. This way you can gain charge and enter frenzy attacking the trash mobs then go after the Boss.
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