Relation between Cannon stats and Blast Cannon damage/effect

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Greetings fellow dungeon crawlers ! :)

I am currently playing a HCE cannoneer and I would like to understand how a cannon's base stats effect Blast Cannons damage, damage type and applied effects, buff chances etc.

For your information, My build has fire and spark and coup de grace maxed. Also Blast Cannon and Fusillade maxed.

* Blast Cannon basically deals physical damage. Is it possible that a cannon with fire damage may make blast cannon do fire damage? I have noticed that when using my old ironmouth cannon, Blast Cannon always burns.

* If Blast cannon deals elemental damage because of a cannon type, will the standard damage (% or weapon dps) be effected/increased by Fire and Spark or Focus?

* How does the buff effect works? If my cannon has both fire and electric damage, will blast cannon burn and shock? Ihave noticed that after adding two spark gems to my cannon, suddenly I am stunning everything. I am even stunning bosses, like the War Titan !!

* Does the buff effects depend of how much elemental damage delt by the source weapon? Simply, if a cannon with 100 electric damage stun more than a cannon with 50 electric damage (via blast cannon) ?

Please someone clear those points. I am not much of a theory cracking / testing type. But I really need to understand how it works to max my cannoneer damage.

Thanks in advance :)


  • This "How Stuff Works" post is amazing, and can help answer all your questions:

    To sum up, though, any skill that does a percent of weapon DPS carries over the damage types of the weapon. So, if your cannon does half fire and half physical, so will your blast cannon. Fire and spark will add to the elemental portion of the cannon's damage. So will focus, because it's elemental, and so will strength, because it's a weapon.

    I'm not sure how often the elemental status effects are added or how much damage they do (and I haven't been able to find any good research on it, oddly), but if you add electric damage gems to your cannon, you will be dealing electric damage with your Blast Cannon and will have a chance to shock. The spark gems shouldn't affect your stun chances, though, so that's probably just a combination of the stun chance on your cannon, Heavy Lifting, and any other stun gear you might have.
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