Need an Embermage for Frankenstein project…

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Hi everyone,

is anyone able to help me out by sending me an Embermage savegame for TL2, preferably:
- near the end of Act 2
- about lvl 40
- Veteran difficulty
- female (because of the portrait)

The background is the following:
Being new to TL2, I played for a while until noticing my character was affected by the rare but fatal CHARGE BAR BUG: This means that my charge bar will fill up, but never trigger concentration mode. This bug is deeply ingrained the save game file.
Although Runic Support was said to be able to fix affected save games, they informed me that they regrettably lost the ability to do so. Until that point, I had played to lvl 44, and as I preferably play with my friends on multiplayer, I'd hate to rebuild the character from scratch.

Long story short, the easiest way for me to "repair" my character would be to take an existing character with a similar progress and edit it into mine using RapidRespec. I don't care much about a cheater flag at this point, as I'm only using the character on LAN with my friends (who are very understanding and would welcome the additional firepower of a working charge bar :D ). So no, when helping me, you won't find a clone of your character running wild in the online games, promise!

Thanks in advance!


  • You can just create a new character, use the console and the levelup command.
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