Swapping mod models in Merchant Pack

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I completed TL2 when it first came out, however I never did finish TL1. Since I've decided to complete it, I installed some mods, including the Merchant Pack. However, I don't like that it uses models such as Alric (for the Fishmonger, Arthur) and the Vanquisher model for the ranged weapon seller (Gwen something). I also would like to know how to edit the inventory of some but mostly it is the models that annoy me. (I tried editing the .dat's, but it crashed the game. Maybe I wrote something wrong or maybe it requires the town layout editing?)

How would I go about swapping models?


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    Hi Eeekitties, just saw your post in here. I actually answered in the RGF thread you made on this topic, where I suggested you copy-paste here the edits you made to those merchant .DAT files so's we can have a look and see if we can help you out...
    Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP) Mod for TL2: Steam | RGF
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