How do I fight the final four bosses?

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Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I last posted here. I've started playing Torchlight two years ago, and regretfully I have yet to reach the last stage. The highest level I have attained so far was level 54 in VHHC, where I died fighting a dragonkin in the map portal quest (levels 20 - ???)
I am now at level 48 playing as a vanquisher. I just completed floor 23 of the Savage Prisons and will next face the area boss Kraag. Problem is I have never fought him before; last time out when I died at level 54 I only reached floor 23 of the main storyline...just like now. I only gained these extra levels through lots of cheats and undertaking map portal quests. So can anyone tell me what is the best way to beat Kraag and his minions? I have a unique rifle (forgot the name) which deals 786 DPS, and also a special Legion Ballista with 883 DPS as extra weapon, although I couldn't use it yet coz of insufficient dexterity points.
Also can anyone give me tips on how to fight the remaining bosses:
and finally Ordrak?
Thank you.


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    At that level? I bet you can leave your left mouse button clicked and go make a sandwich. Whenever you get back the boss is going to be dead.

    Now seriously, most bosses are pretty much a "keep moving, watch for heavy attacks, whittle down" thing. You are overleveled to infinity, shouldn't have problems up to Ordrak... who is best fought in the entrance room so he doesn't have that many minions around that regenerate.
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    Yea, I'm kinda with Serkevan here.
    I just defeated Ordrak, VHHC, at level 46 with an 816 DPS rifle and I remember having around 2.8k HP, put points 3:2 Dex:Def if that helps ...
    It's definitely possible.

    Maybe practice kiting and avoiding damage?
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    With that c-level you should not have any problem right up through Ordrak, assuming that you have been equipping with comparable armor, resistances along the way.
    For a Vanq, 42-43 is about a roughly expected level for an experienced player to finish the Quest, on a straight-thru run. Ordrack is only a m-level 35 super-boss. The lowest level Vanq Quest finish that I ever saw boasted in the forums was 28 I think (not sure I believe it), low 30's is certainly doable, if you are careful and a good gear manager.

    That having been said, with Vanq, hang back as far as you can, let them come to you, gun them down at longest possible range as they do. Retreat and make a few of them chase you, then same.
    Kraag is SLOW. Just never let him get close enough to connect. DO NOT step on the fire grates while doging however. I don't find Kraag to be the biggest problem on that level - I think that the 2-3 boss level goblin casters are nastier, because they have ranged attacks.

    With that kind of level, one big advantage you have is an enormous amount of mana. Use it. Skill attacks and Spells constantly.

    BTW, don't carry around a weapon in a equipped slot that does not help you. Stash it or pack it until you can use it. Put a big polearm or staff or sword/pistol in the 2nd slot. Or put a big single hit damage range weapon in one slot, and a fast, moderate-per-hit-but-high-DPS weapon in the other slot. But you are wasting that quick slot if you have an unusable weapon in it - I didn't actually think you could even equip a weapon that you didn't have the stats for.

    When you are beyond Kraag, and you face Medea, and other super-zealots in the Black Palace, get into bare range, shoot while they are warming up, and run. Do this repeatedly. Keep your pet in some tough form, like Goblinhound. Use the 2-minute fish so you can keep renewing him. The pet will mostly stay in contact with the boss off-screen, if you don't run TOO far. Shoot, run, kill any minions sent after you, sneak in again, shoot, run, etc. Don't stand still long enough for her to hit you with lightning or poison bolts.

    Ordrack - never fight Ordrack in the big lair. He gains health from summoning, destroying dragonkin minions, but he can't do that outside the big room. Fight him in the room around the stairs. Again, in and out, in and out. Unfortunately, in this room you can't ever get so far away he'll stop following, but stay away from his physical hits and breath weapon, keep your pet healthy and fighting, and run-n-gun, and you'll be fine. You HAVE maxed out you Crit Strikes Skill, right?

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    Heyya guys,

    Thanks dreamrider, serkevan and jibaku for your responses. Couldn't reply earlier due to work commitments.

    Whoa're saying Ordrak is just a level 35? So all this while I got it wrong...I though since he is the final boss, he should at least be a level 50 or even 60. I was at level 48 already when I sent my previous post, now I am at level 65 and will be squaring off against Medea next. If what dreamrider said is true, then by now I have a +30 level advantage over Ordrak already...

    Well that's a relief to hear, but...that doesn't mean I will beat Ordrak with a flawless victory. The one thing I like about VHHC is its unpredictability. Being on a higher level than your enemies only gives you an advantage and minimizes damages you sustain in doesn't make you invincible at all. I've had quite a share of close calls and cheated death on several occasions...all because I underestimated my opponents. Recently I was almost killed by a group of five level 28 crawlers; I made the mistake of thinking that maybe their beams will at most reduce half of my HP at crit strike...and I meant this for one crawler. What I didn't expect was that three shot me simultaneously, reducing like 95% of my HP. I was really lucky...if all five shot me then I would've died embarrassingly because of my own stupid judgement.

    I got past Kraag and his Trollhunters in a minute...I didn't have to engage directly because my pet Amber the cat and the skeleton warriors took care of him, along with the traps I set. I used Shina (my Vanquisher) to dispose of the Trollhunters. Next is Medea...I guess I'm a bit confident since my elemental protection spells and armour expertise skill are now at maximum (10/10). My primary weapon, an epic Legion Ballista can now deliver 1139 DPS. Apart from that I also use a gun x sword combo when I am bored of just shooting epic thump gun gives 1034 DPS while my epic Ironkin Gladius sword does 1050 DPS.

    By the way, on which floor will I meet Shane? Is he on floor 34 before the last floor where I will meet Ordrak? Or on some other floor? And is he alone or accompanied by some other minions? Hope you guys can help me on this.

    So far I've been enjoying this adventure and journey...hope this time I will eventually make it to the final stage and face off with Ordrak to earn the right to become undisputed champion. It's like a dream to even get this far...level 65 and counting...most probably I'll finish this mission at level 75.
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    To dreamrider, thanks for your advices and tips. For the boss fights so far (save Brink) I don't turn my pet into normal beasts such as goblinhound or burrower...I go fishing for elemental fishes and feed her with that. Elemental entities can deliver a lot more damage and have wider range of attacks, especially ice and poison elementals. Since there are no fishing spots in the Tutara caverns and Savage prisons, I will have to revisit Estheria to fish.

    About the Crit Strike skill, no I haven't maxed it yet...but almost close. I'm on 8 already...need another 2 points. I have maxed Summon Skeleton spell, Elemental Protection spell and Armour Expertise skill as of now.
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    Hey Armz
    You'll meet Alric, not Shane, on floor 34 so yes you're correct there and Ordrak will be on the 35th floor.
    Though when it comes to Ordrak, I'd recommend taking plenty of potions. I recently defeated Ordrak with a c-level 32 Alchemist on easy **** (for the **** Victor and Speedking achievements on Steam) and I ran out of mana potions, so it turned a long fight even longer.

    Ordrak has high HP and high resistances and the fight will last at least 5 minutes (both my successful fights lasted between 5-10 minutes) but you will be fine with the DPS on those items.
    During the fight, Ordrak will summon a bunch of Dragonkin at frequent intervals which will bear down upon you with great ferocity and then they will be sacrificed to heal Ordrak. When they get sacrificed they turn into red orbs and travel to him so if you drag him into the small entrance near the stairs then a good portion of orbs can be blocked by the walls.
    Which is exactly what dreamrider said xD

    Good luck :D
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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    Shane? Who is Shane?

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    Hello guys,

    Sorry for the very late reply. I was soo occupied with work lately that I couldn't find the right time to return to the forum.

    Thanks again jibaku and dreamrider for the replies. But mean I don't have to fight Shane? Then what do I do when I meet Alric? Fight him? Or will he just give me a pep talk?

    To dreamrider, Shane is the monster who attacked Syl at the start of the game. He also appeared when Alric turned Brink into a monster on the 4th floor. He also accompanied Alric on the 27th floor where they abducted Syl.
    I thought you knew him...or am I mistaken? Because I knew about him from a certain website about Torchlight (I can't remember the URL)...and there they listed the names of all the monsters, including the bosses. It mentioned that I will
    encounter Shane after defeating the third last boss, which is Medea. I don't know whether the information is accurate or not, but that's how I got to know about Shane.

    Oh yeah, of course to fight a super boss like Ordrak I will have to prepare plenty of potions, especially HP potions. I took on Hatch's quest to retrieve a treasure when I was at the Savage Prison area, and even though I had 40 HP potions it wasn't the monsters I fought keep taking away 3/4 of my HP with just a blow or two. So I had to track back to the entrance portal, buy more potions and return all the way to the spot where I retreated.

    For now, I have to postpone the mission because there is a problem with the game app (or maybe it's my laptop...I dunno) won't open when I click on the shortcut. I tried several options but it seems stuck. So I'll be sending my laptop for checking soon, and resume after the problem is resolved. I'm at level 66 now...but still yet to enter combat with Medea yet.
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    I'd never seen a name for that guy.

    Yes, you will meet him, but even for most people he's not a problem by the time you meet him.
    At your current level, you'll probably swat him like, maybe not a fly; maybe a bumblebee. Bring a rolled up newspaper.

  • JibakuJibaku Posts: 119
    I remember who you're talking about now
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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