My friend can't see my mod pack in his mod launcher?

sansensansen Posts: 4
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So I just made a mod pack and it works for me with no glitches or bugs. My friend downloaded it but when he opend his mod launcher it was'nt there. we opend his mod folder to see if it was there and it was :P

Sorry for my grammar but im sure you guys understand what im trying to say



  • WolvenWolven Posts: 174

    Are you sure you placed it in the right mods folder?

    It should be placed here: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\My Games\Runic Games\Torchlight\mods

    Not here: C:\Users\Public\Games\Runic Games\Torchlight\mods

    Does other mods work?

    I didn't notice I replied to a Torchlight and not Torchlight 2 post. Paths corrected.
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