The Berserker build of ultimate fun!

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One of the reasons I never got passed level 60 was boredom, so I came up with this build. It's something that I (as in me, myself) consider to be fun to play. It's probably not going to work on EHC, but I have been having a lot of fun with it on elite.

It's not been a pot re-roll, however I have had help from other characters in the way of gear and potions (early stages are painful!)

This build has been created after a lot of reading (primarily this forum, so thanks heaps for that you guys!) and a fair bit of testing. It's a focus/strength hybrid geared towards different skills for different situations and as the torchlight2armory site is due to close 16 days ago I figured I'd just write it in here...

Howl: 10
Raze: 10
Ravage: 15
Blood Hunger: 1
Executioner: 15

Storm Claw: 1
Northern Rage: 15
Cold Steel Mastery: 15
Shatter Storm: 15
Rage Retaliation: 1

Shadow Burst: 5 (up to 5 for the 3 target bonus)
Wolf Shade: 5 (up to 5 for the 30sec duration bonus)
Frenzy Mastery: 8 (10 seconds to murder Johny Badman!)
Shred Armor: 15
Red Wolf: 1

Stat Points
Strength: 270
Dexterity: 160
Focus: 100
Vitality: 5

The pet comes heavily into play for me at least, I tend to give the little fella Frost, Heal All, Skeleton and Netherimp spells.

The play style is situational dependent on what you are up against, but I'll start fights with Storm Claw, Howl then Northern Rage, Ravage the groups, Raze the bosses :D

All that frost has a very high chance to get Shatter Storm engaged and with all this utility, there isn't a situation you don't have a skill for (apart from shields... yeah, I know that, but this isn't designed for HCE)
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