Besides no resurrections, anything different about ****?

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For example, at **** Elite are the monsters tougher than at regular Elite? Are items better? Is anything at all different, besides no resurrection :?:


  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    The shared stash is separate for softcore and **** characters, and the death counter in the arcane stats is locked at 0, but other than that there is no difficulty difference with softcore.
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    That pretty much summons it up.
    Personally because I enjoy 'living off the lands' for multiples of playthroughs, and roleplaying, for long term personal enjoyment :D
    allard01 wrote:
    i had never known about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up as more as now I got. Such a beautiful topic to aware the people about arcane alchemist gear - lvl 40 and up.
    "Such a beautiful topic to aware the people"
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    You'll be surprised how much the knowledge that 'dead-id-dead' will change your play style.

    For instance, circumstances in which 'run'n'gun' is an effective tactic...aren't.
    Take them out one at a time and leave nothing behind.

    Also, you don't look around the dungeon/environment so much for groups to attack, as for terrain to give you advantage to attack FROM.

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    Also you are more careful when opening chests and also on the look out for any traps since they can be the ultimate killer.
    "Six... one, six... the nuuuumber ooof the beeeaaast!"
  • SolipsoSolipso Posts: 54
    Thanks for the replies. They were all pertinent.

    I was especially interested in emberman's reply, which noted that the shared stashes from softcore play were not available in ****. That was bad news.

    Since my last character, a pure-vitality engineer played through NG 0 at veteran without any resurrections, I thought I might as well try **** elite. After reading these replies, I did try an embermage, **** elite, as far as the Estherian Enclave. I merely wanted to check emberman's information regarding the shared stash. He was right. My embermage's shared stash was empty. For me, that makes HCE daunting. I was counting on using previous softcore characters for items, shopping, socketing, enchanting, etc. -- all possible only with shared stashes.

    Right now I'm thinking of playing **** at a lower difficulty. Maybe at normal. Once I've got a couple of **** characters established at the mapworks, the shared stash should make **** elite MUCH easier. I may not be much of a hack-and-backer, but I'm good with the shared trash. :)
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