Frostmage build with MS?

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New player with little experience, and I am planning on trying to make a build and play through as an embermage with focus on frost spells for the sake of CC. How I kind of want to do it, is use ice spells for CC, but I also want to continue to use Magma Spear just because I like it a lot. Although I'm just starting out in the game, I like how MS looks and feels. It's fast, it's cheap, it applies DoT, it can pass through and hit multiple enemies, and at least early on, I can just fire it constantly if the charge is full. Yet, I don't know much about the game and builds, and it seems like everyone is obsessed over Prismatic Bolts. Although it's just at the beginning of the game, I tried to use MS with Icy Blasts together, and although it was a bit hard to tell, they worked well together, with icy blast shotgonning multiple enemies clustered together in a corridor or open space and freezing them, and magma spear hitting multiple enemies, shattering shields, rapidly firing, and doing DoT with little MP cost (in comparison to PB). Prismatic bolts didn't work too well for me, and even if they do get better (otherwise they wouldn't be so popular), I don't really want to use that same, spammable, auto-target, catchall skill throughout the game.

So, is it possible to make a frostmage build while using MS as a kind of main rapid-fire accurate attack spell?

Also, I found thunder locus, arc beam, and death's bounty look like VERY interesting and useful skills to me, but I am not very interested in the storm tree, either. Is it possible to get those skills with a frostmage build?


  • Yes, it is possible. TL2 isn't as hard on endgame builds as some other games are, there are many builds that would actually be viable throughout the game and able to do endgame content (clear Tarroch's tomb or whatever) if properly geared. By many I mean like half of all the meaningful skill combinations or maybe 2/3. Many.

    Be sure to have at least 1 pt in fire brand for your magma spear, or maybe even max it. Thunder locus is easy to use in any focus based build, take it if you like it. Don't take arc beam in your first build, it needs x10 more gear optimisation compared to other skills you've chosen. Yes, certainly take death's bounty.
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    I'm not very experienced with frost builds but I really like MS too - and I'm using it as my main damage spell nearly always.
    Random tips:
    - MS will proc armor degradation (e.g. from items or Staff Mastery)
    - MS will proc knockback (even from cannons :) plus it procces the cannons' stun too). It procces most item effects.
    - MS will proc Wand of Chaos effects
    - however it doesn't proc leach (mana or life)

    Like mammothhunter said, fire brand is a good idea - as well as ice brand if you use a frost build.

    I also found Thunder Locus interesting when I was new to the game but it's pretty mediocre IMO. Fire bomb or Infernal Collapse are much better - though that's from a fire build perspective.

    Arc beam looks great visually but sadly it's next to worthless. I wonder if there exists a build in which it's usable...

    Death's Bounty is cool! A must have in every build IMO.
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