[SOLVED] Re-size/Scale textures in Blender

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Here's YANQFW. (Yet Another Question From Wolven)

Can some one be so kind as to point me in the direction of some tutorials, or explain shortly how to re-size a texture in Blender?

I'll explain what I have done to give some context: I'm simply re-sizing and rotating some swords in Blender, to make the swords in to daggers. I've spent a while now learning how to do this, and the last piece of my puzzle is to get the texturing right. I can flip a sword upside down, export the MESH and see it in-game just fine; textures and all. But once I re-size the model the texture gets wonky because the size of the model is changed. So I'm hoping there's a quick a dirty way to just re-size the texture to fit the new size of the model.

EDIT: I must have been doing something wrong the first few times. Because when I tried to do it all from scratch again, the texture looks fine in-game. :D
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