Dynamic Lighting

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Is it possible to make entirely pitch-black dungeons, lit only by torches, player-carried light sources and spell effects?


  • StroggStrogg Posts: 47
    I've been experimenting with the editor myself to discover this, and I'd like an answer as well. I'll update if I have any success.
  • Probably not the way you are thinking. There isn't really dynamic lighting in the game, just light-maps put on top of things. And all monsters apparently have some ambient glow on them.

  • StroggStrogg Posts: 47
    I've been reading the wiki and tinkering with the editor, and here's what I've learned so far. Besides the player's light, the light objects you place in a layout will illuminate objects (it basically acts as an infinitely extending, vertical pillar of light), but they won't cast shadows. The player's light is the only one which does this. You can go into the data editor for tile sets and room pieces and set objects to have shadows (in the properties tab for each entry), but that's about the best that can be achieved.

    Maybe Runic will take pity and add light point objects which can cast shadows ;)
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