Suggestions to my build?

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I've played Torchlight II on and off since the release, and my old Outlander is now after 73 hours at level 84 in NG+. Now as I've played it again a little I thought I'd ask some people for advice for how to safe my character from being build incorrectly. The playstyle this was intended for was a "kill everyone else, before they kill you", and I feel like I've got very close, but my damage output seems not high enough, but that's probably more since I haven't found a better pistol than the one I got from back in the 50's, which is also quite weird.

Right-click to see the whole image with the whole build.


  • CWEBB04zCWEBB04z Posts: 18
    If you need a pistol.. I have some powerful ones. I found a llengdary pistol that I do not use (I mainly use a bow) I will gladly trade it to you for free.
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    Play however you like - it really doesn't matter what your build is unless you are playing **** mode on Elite. If you want to deal more pistol damage, get more strength.

    If you are asking about **** elite tips, I would say you have way too much dexterity and need more strength. I would also move all your focus points into strength. I would also advise you to destroy that second pistol and put a good high-block shield there instead, and take that Limoany skill and put it in your armor for damage reduction. Of course, if you don't plan on playing HCE none of this matters and I would advise you to continue playing whatever you have the most fun playing.
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    Yes CWEBB04z, I'm very much interested. I've sent you a PM.

    Thanks emberman, even though I'm not playing ****, nor elite, I'll still look into some of the things you've suggested.
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