Flame Hammer DPS - +electric or +strength?

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Level-45 Strength Engineer using Flame Hammer... which necklace is better for FH damage?
1. +83 Electric Damage
2. +15 STR

From what I've read (like [How Stuff Works] Damage by armis) I thought the electric damage would be almost pointless, but it makes more of a difference to RightHandWeaponDPS (on Arcane Statistics) than the STR necklace, which I think FH damage is based on.


  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    At your level you will benefit much more from strength(+damage and +crit damage).

    The the damage you see on amulets, rings or iron embers is flat damage and does NOT scale with strength or focus so 80 damage will always be 80 damage.

    Only the damage you add directly to weapons via gems or enchanters scales with focus or strength
  • Cool, that's what I thought. However, DPS under Right Hand Weapon on Arcane Statistics shows 1741 with the +STR necklace, or 1822 with the +DAM necklace, or 1671 with neither - so is this number not an accurate way of assessing what's best for Flame Hammer?
  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    You should also compare critical damage below weapon damage. when you press J.

    Also, you could use a better weapon with more DPS. The better the weapon the more you will benefit from strength, especially crit damage. Just compare crit damage and see which is better. If you do find a better weapon you should definitely increase strength
  • How does the RHW critical damage relate to Flame Hammer? Doesn't that number only apply to the basic attack?
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    Check this out to get a full understanding of how damage works. ;)

    If you increase strength you will crit higher with either auto attack, WDPS% skills or any flat damage skills
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    Yes flame hammer crits, and by level 10 it should crit at the same rate as your attribute screen suggests, though the flame tendrils should crit at roughly half that rate. Even so I think there's not much difference between the 2 options until higher levels when strength will win out.

    Critical damage is also why slow weapons are preferable, like hammer as it has 90% interrupt to keep your engineer safer.

    I hope you have armor shredding on the weapon, it will greatly improve your damage as well.
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