Mod like Stash Ninja??

molokaicreepermolokaicreeper Posts: 42
edited August 2014 in General Modding
Is there a mod like stash ninja for torchlight? I hate the mods that just give you a bunch of stashes. When those were active my Torchlight kept crashing, eventually I had to eliminate them, and I am trying to use something that wont depend of the game to run (just depend on the file itself, nothing more). Even a similar program that will save my sharedstash to a preset directory when I choose to (whenever it fills up) would be awesome. I understand such thing can be done manually, but wouldn't it be great to just choose the sharedstash you want to access by just opening such a program prior to running the game? I know it would be, sadly I dunno anything about making a mod. :(

Anyone, thanks!
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