Elemental Tank Engineer

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Hello everyone, i have played the game for a while now, and i have been testing and discussing some good builds for an elemental tank engineer, so i started this thread to discuss the best abilities and point investment.

I was running 2/2/1 (Vit/Foc/Dex) because i dont think STR is good in this build since i wont be spamming autoattack, just shield bash.
15/15 Shield Bash i think is the best to stun and to get some charge.
15/15 Fire Bash for AoE damage and it gives you 50% extra fire dmg.
15/15 Seismic Slam to stun and to make good dmg with that extra 50% from Fire Bash.
15/15 Healing Bot
15/15 ForceField
15/15 Fire and Spark
15/15 Dynamo Field to deal DoT and get some charges
15/15 Overload
5/15 Onslaught to charge into the party and to jump out if i'm in trouble.
1/15 Aegis of Fate because an extra shield is always good and i think a single point is more than enough.
1/15 Charge Reconstitution for a little bit of recover when i pop ForceField.
1/15 Charge **** for that 3% of recover all the charges.
1/15 Coup de Grace when i stun with Shield Bash the extra dmg is nice.

I'm not sure what to do with the leftover points, you guys feel free to help me out in this build and say your own playstyle, that's the plan of making this thread.
Sorry for my english, my native language is japanese so im sure i made some mistakes >.<
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