[CONCEPT] The Swordmaster Class & Reactive Skills...

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I know my class idea isn't particularly a novel one, as there are plenty of fantastic mod swordsman, like the Emberblade, Double Agent, those in the Far East expansion to name a few, but I want to make it, nonetheless.

My class is typical. Three skill trees, each with their own skills that are dependent on weapon configuration, like the sword & shield, greatsword user and dual-wielder. The passives are weapon dependent, though the attack skills may not all be. There may be three or four normally activated skills, one of which is an active, weapon dependent buff.

In my mock up, on paper right now, is to substitute some of the normal skills for what I call "reactive" skills, a skill that can activate due to a trigger.

In essence, I want my skills to go something like this:
1. Add skill point to passive.
2. Two or three reactive skills corresponding to passive are usable.
3. Character battle with monster.
4. One trigger activated during battle.
5. Corresponding skill icon becomes active on toolkeys or mouse click for a short duration.
6. If used, skill icon becomes inactive for prescribed cooldown; if unused, skill icon goes inactive until next trigger.

Now, I am not good with understanding triggerable actions and statwatchers, but I will try things that I've read from OedipusTex's and gytfunke's REFERENCE posts. I understand they set the conditions to activate, but the GUTS descriptions are not 100% initutive. I will post code later to show where I am going.


  • Sounds good. Reactive skills are definitely possible.

    I would try the following method:

    Have a hidden passive skill attached to your class. Have this passive skill apply the triggerable. Have the triggerable apply a UNITTHEME to the player when the event happens.

    Have your reactive skills require the UNITTHEME to be cast.

    Add a visual cue to let players know the reactive skill is available.

    If you need more help feel free to ask.
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