SynergiesMOD Darknessfalls European crawl!

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I wonder how many people remember me doing these early on.

Anyways, I wanted to put this out in the general forum as its not really directed at a mod, so much as PLAYING the game, with a mod.

On satuday september 13th I will be doing the first DF Crawl, for the European time zone!

Here is the forum post on my official synergiesmod forums, you'll need to read it: ... 1#msg40281

Come prepared, and enjoy!

There is nothing like getting game content named after yourself!

Synergies Conversion mod:
Elite monsters, Hero monsters, world bosses, rare dragons, rare trolls, three tiers of End Game Raids, Legendary Armor sets, NEW Legendary Weapons, 3 new classes, Mercenaries, and Angels!

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