Rapid fire must have for shotgun build?

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For some reason I just don't like this skill, I find it more satisfying to use other actives with my shotgun --- but is rapid fire sort of a must have? Are there alternative routes I can take?


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    Rapid Fire is no must have, but the very first available ranged %Wdps skill, and as such a staple for (early level) Outlanders. All other %Wdps Skills synergize well with Shotgonnes and the Shotgonne Mastery, even the pseudo Melee Skills like Rune Vault, Glaive Sweep and Burning Leap. I loved to use Chaos Burst with Shotgonnes (while stacking Castspeed), but this Skill isn't exactly cheap when it comes to mana cost. Shadowshot has serious advantages if you are playing more on the strategic side, because of its range. And you can't do anything wrong with Venomous Hail (because it would be even a top skill with half of its maximum %Wdps component) as it is totally overpowered and suits every %wpds Build (a ranged weapon presumed). Whatever active skills you choose, Poison burst is the best passive to enhance them and your normal attacks.
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