How to follow Embermage builds?

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I just started playing, I heard that this game only allow 3 last skill points respec so I'm afraid of spending skill points on useless skills.
But after I've checked many builds, they seems to have no skill to use while leveling.
What should I do?
Don't spend any skill points until level 28 and use only Magma Spear and normal attack?
Are there any other options?

I heard that this game has Potion of Respec but I don't know how to get it.
If I can play normally and Respec later, which skill should I be using during the leveling process?
Are there any leveling builds?

I also saw that Dex and Str affected DPS but can't find the actual number of how they affected it.
How should I distribute my status of I'm planning to be a glass cannon?


  • Aloah!
    If you decide to go without Console/Mods, you can either have one Point into Magma Spear / Prismatic bolt (or even Icy Blast) for the whole leveling duration, or respec out of it via the Town NPC, always after investing 2 skill points into other skills, this way your leveling skill remains in the cycle of the 3 possible to respec skills.
    If you decide to go with Mods and this would be what i suggest, then simply download a Mod like 'Respec / Restat Potion' or 'All Runic Games mods in one' (the latter has some refreshing content).
    If you decide to go with Console (and simply want to drop the already existing Respec Potion); find your Torchlight 2 save folder (for windows usually under documents/my games/runic games/torchlight 2/save {/SOMENUMBER if you have the steam version}), open up the settings.txt and change the third line CONSOLE :0 to CONSOLE :1. Start your game, and press the Insert Button (this will only work in single player) and type in 'respecpotion' to drop yourself one Potion. But be warned, the last step will flag your Character with a cheat flag, and many players are very judgemental in relation to this action. (cheat flags can be removed with Rapid Respec; oh right, i forgot this is another way to respec your character!)

    As you mentioned level 28, i suspect you are planning on using Frost Wave, all level1 Skills can deal decent Damage, but usually Prismatic Bolt is the least demanding one to use. Hailstorm, Thunder Locus and Blazing Pillar are also skills that fit beginners.

    Regarding your Stat Point allocation, do you wish to deal the maximum average Damage? Or rather consistent non-critical Damage, or even as many powerful crits as possible?
    Strength increases your Weapon Damage by 0.5% per point and your Critical Bonus damage by 0.4% per point (the latter bonus caps at 999str), Dexterity gives 0.2-0% Crit-chance per Point (decreasing gain with higher Dexterity : %Critchance = Dex * {0.2002 – 0.0002 * Dex}).
    This could be helpful, but if you search a bit, you can find quite a few calculations on how to max your Damage, though they have rather narrow assumptions.
  • Thank you so much.
    I planned to play multiplayer with my friends so I think I'm gonna avoid modding.
    I think I'm going to stick with Magma Spear until level 28 then.
    I'm focusing on average damage so I will just focus on focus and a bit strength for now.
  • Okay. In case you feel like experimenting, especially early on any Dex investment has very beneficial payoffs.
    The first Embermages i started during beta and after release were Focus heavy. But almost all characters i played this year had at least 2pts per level into Dex just for Crits, though this is a matter of personal preference of course. Pumping Focus has the benefit of consistent Damage, more Mana and the ability to wear certain Equipment earlier.
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