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Is it possible to reset all skill points and attribute points on my character? Without "cheating"? I want to play multi-player and not be flagged as a cheater, but I also want to try out different builds and attribute point combinations.


  • Aloah,
    it is definitely possible. I suggest you check out either the Respec / Restat potion mod or Rapid Respec.
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    Thank you so much! I wish it was built into the game, but this is a pretty sweet option 8-)
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    There was a lot of discussions on that topic back when the game was developed and Runic went with their system since a big part of the ARPG games is build making and sticking with the choices made and taking that build as far as you can. If the build does not work you learn from the choices made and build another character. ARPG's for the most part are very short but make it up with having different difficulties and a lot of random loot to pick up and perfect your character.

    In my opinion I would not have any respecs for stats or skills. But then again I love creating new characters.
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  • SladeSlade Posts: 19
    I understand your point of view above ^^^ I got the respec application to work and am happy with that option for those of us who want to try it out :)

    One more question, do we have to SAVE our game, or is it auto-saved? I ask this because the game always seems to remember everything about my character even if I forget to click save. If we don't have to save the game, why is the button there?
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    The game automatically saves upon entering a new area (whenever you see a loading screen). However, anything that happens inside of an area is not saved until the next loading screen, and if the game crashes during the loading screen there is the chance that your save could have been corrupted, lost, or just not written and your progress lost.

    The save button is there because the automatic saves weren't enough sometimes, and at launch the game was a lot less stable (this can still be true if you aren't careful with mods). If you find a really rare item you'll probably want to save right away just in case the game crashes before the next auto-save, right? Unfortunately at release there were complaints that this was happening, especially with online play (this tends to happen far less when playing single-player offline).
  • I found Rapid Respec works great.
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