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Hi guys,

I'm at the early levels in the game, and was doing a side quest to get the Piquant Truffle. I found it and picked it up, but my inventory (and my pets inventory) was full, and on picking it up, rather than dropping it again, it disappeared so I can't complete the quest. Does anyone know if there is a way to recover a lost quest item, or reset a dungeon so you can play and get it again?



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    That is one of the downsides of Torchlight 1 and quest items and hence why the quest items were changed for Torchlight 2. I believe the only thing you can do is abandon the quest and take on the next one.

    If the game is a steam version you might be able use the game cloud save feature but chances are that has been updated as well if you are using that feature.

    the other option is if you create manual backups of your characters then you could go to an old save but then you might have lost some items and levels depending on the age of the backup game save.
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  • Actually I think I got lucky this time, during the same game I went back and the item didn't show up, but when I tried the a few days later the item was there again. I think it may have reset itself after exiting and restarting the game.
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    Which game/dungeon are you playing in? I don't recall any Piquant Truffle in vanilla TL1.

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    @Dreamrider - The piquant truffle is one of Torchlight's "go and fetch it" quest items, usually dropped on players by likes of Gar. It rates right up there with other quest items of no real value such as the Scales of the Justiciar, the Golden Cog of Complete Meaninglesness, the Epic Leather Jackboots of Invisibility and The Dwarven Artifact of Non-existence.
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