How to Download Steam Mods for Non-Steam TL2

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How to Download Steam Mods for Non-Steam TL2

I was feeling kind of bummed about the inaccessibility of the great mods that are on Steam Workshop. I guess the gods of google were smiling on me today, since I found not one, but two solutions!

Option 1:

Step 1: Install the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox or the Tampermonkey extension for Chrome. (Don't use IE. IE is bad.)

Step 2: Install this user script.

Step 3: Visit the page for your desired mod on Steam Workshop. A "download" button will now appear just below the screenshots, to the right of the "add to collection" button. Click it to download the mod.
(Note: Sometimes, you may have to correct the file name to .mod, but it will always get the correct file.)

What I really like about this user script is that you can read the source and figure out exactly what it's doing. Transparent, safe, and it just works.

Option 2:

Step 1: Use this website.
(Note: You will have to correct the file name every single time (because it generates gibberish file names), but it will always get the correct file.)

This website has the great advantage of being easy. My only problem with it is that I can't see how it works, since it uses compressed/obfuscated javascript.

Aside: I've got another Steam-version/Runic-version crossover trick planned, but I need a guinea pig for a quick test. I'd appreciate it if one of the forum regulars with the Steam version would PM me to volunteer.
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    Awesome work, as usual. Pm sent.
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    Thanks for this Chthon! Really helpful as I'm sure there are tons more TL2 mods on Steam Workshop than anywhere else.
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  • TsulivyTsulivy Posts: 1

    I feel like this needs updating? Because when I use the first method and I click the download link, it reloads the page, but that's it. The second method doesn't work either because I get the "The game that this item belongs too does not allow downloading of its items...BUMMER!" error :/

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    I've been trying for months to download TL2 Essentials. Nothing seems to work. The Essentials page on Steams tells me to click on a link to download it for a non-Steam TL2. I did that and got a page with a video play button. I clicked the button and heard static while it played with no video. When it was done I still did not have my mod. Since Tsulivy already tried the 2 options listed above and I may have already tried them some months ago, I'm not going to try those. Would it be easier to just buy a Steam version of TL2, and if so, do I need to uninstall my Runic Games version first?

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    thank your post

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    Valve seems to have done something that blocks downloading of mods. That or given developers the ability to block people from downloading from the Workshop unless It's subscribed.

  • VizViz Posts: 1

    This still works fine for me. The first option, at least.

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    The first method didn't work for me. Even the second method didn't work also. I was wanted to download Wallpaper Engine items so badly.

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