New Game Plus ruined my Torchlight 2 experience

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If I had known that New Game plus would have made it impossible to find an online game, I would never have picked this **** option and played mapworks straight away. This has literally ruined the game, as no one online plays New Game plus and I am forced to play alone. I have a level 90 beserker which I now must abandon and reroll a new character as online is now totally out of the question, and multiplayer was a big part of the game for me. Why did they segregate players based on new game plus!! This idea is so stupid. Well done Runic for making a brilliant game and ruining it in one single stroke.


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    You could have made a new character and used your new game + character to help give them a boost via gear or asked people to help you level a new character. You can also use Rapid Respec to get rid of the New Game + tag.

    Runic was trying to give the game more replayability. If they can be blamed for anything it's trying to give players too many options. Even so it's a great game but even if it presents some issues that's no reason to be so rude about it.
  • I dont want to be branded as a cheater so this option isnt really good for me.
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    It doesn't even give you the cheater flag. And if it did, there is an option to remove the flag too.
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    I dont want to be branded as a cheater so this option isnt really good for me.
    Did you take a moment to even read what it does? You can remove the cheater flag.
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    Coming back to the forum and still seeing threads like this really makes me laugh. I'm glad I'm not so cynical anymore.

    Thanks for the smile Daedalus.
    I put the "DOOM" in "****."
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