embermage equipment

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I am rolling now an Icy Embermage with my little personal twist - I took PB (1 point +1 point in Fire and Electric brand) as a support as I noticed FW and HS sometimes just won't cut it. But in most of the cases (90%) HS and FW do the job.

I'm clvl 50ish, Veteran, about to enter NG+. dex and vit 53, rest focus, str baase.

better equipment: Spellweaver helm, Centerwing.

My question is : what is your opinion on Grimbone wand and the singing fire ring as end game equipment?

Currently Wand (socketed, enchanted) gives me 11% crit chance and 40% crit dmg and the ring (enchanted) + 44% ice dmg (35 base + 3 x 3 % enchants).

When I equipped the ring I noticed HS alone in most cases is enough to handle all situations.

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