Does a second 1-hand weapon do damage?

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Playing a Vanquisher (again) and got this great pistol that does 125-250 total damage. I then equipped another pistol aaand the total damage (next to Dexterity) doesn't change!

To know the total damage, is it correct if I equip both weapons individually and add the numbers together?

I if equip a weapon and a shield, do the shield always work? (In Diablo II it only worked when you stood still).


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    Each weapon does discrete base damage, as they alternate hits. However, all bonuses of both weapons affect all hits of the appropriate type (melee, ranged, elemental).

    The Dual Wielding Skill bonus is also applied to every hit, if you have taken some levels of Dual Wielding AND you have a WEAPON in each hand. (NOT "weapon and shield" though you may see that mentioned in some early forum posts; it was a mistake and patched out.)

    Shield bonuses and defense apply any time you have the weapon set that includes the shield equipped. Yes, that does include pistol and shield.

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