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1. Is it completely pointless to put elemental gems into my guns as a shooty Outlander? As far as I understand, elemental damage is boosted by Focus, which I don't have any points in.

2. I know that Dexterity is not a main stat for Outlanders, but why does my DPS as displayed in the statistics screen, not go up at all when I equip dex gear? Do the statistics not factor crit into DPS?


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    If you want to research about damage and stats more thoroughly read this viewtopic.php?f=30&t=44975
    There are smart people who have done the math on the forum and I doubt you will find better explanantions :)

    1.Strength increases both elemental and physical damage on your weapons and also critical damage, which is multiplicative. Focus increases ONLY elemental damage from weapons, flat damage skills like Glaive Throw and Shattering Glaive, elemental WeaponDPS% and DoT(damage over time). Don't worry, you can t go wrong with strength with a shooty outlander. I guess wou will be using skills like Rapid fire, Chaos Burst and Venomous Hail. Just put whatever increases your dps in your guns and use elemental enchanters like Panoosh, Wariz, Farquez or Teslor.

    For the rest of your equipment use BORRIS the enchanter to increase stats. I cannot stress how overpowered this enchanter is.

    2.Dexterity is not the main stat for the outlander but only a requirement for typical outlander equipment. You can increase strength and use borris to get dexterity and whatever else you need. Also dexterity increases Critical damage %chance and Dodge% chance. Its not like Diablo 2 amazon where dexterity increases bow damage :) Strength all the way and dexterity 110. End game,with borris, you should get to at least 300 dexterity and lots of strength.

    Also I recommend this build viewtopic.php?f=42&t=44380. It's not shooty, it's shotgonne but trust me it is amazing. And trust the guy that made it. Check out the videos. The blind from shotgonne mastery increases your survivability like you wouldn't believe and you will need that end game. It trivializes Tarroch's Tomb
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