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Hi guys,

I'm new to the forums and kind of new to this game again. I bought this game when Diablo 3 was in full swing and I got bored of playing Diablo. I leveled an engineer to the lower 30s and then stopped playing. I recently re-installed this game on my computer and started playing it again and I gotta say its like a breath of fresh air.

As such I'm looking for some peeps to play with. Looking to possibly level a new character as I have very little recollection of what I even did for the first 30 levels on my engineer. Essentially I'm learning to play the game again and am looking for some people to enjoy it with. I took a look at open games I could join the other day and there didn't seem to be all that many. Is this because not a lot of people play this game anymore or whats the deal with that?


  • Hey there,

    I'd be interested in joining ya, I haven't actually done much on TorchLight II myself after purchasing it and was wanting to find a buddy to play through the game with, but there seems to be a limited amount of players haha. - My preferred difficulty would be Elite, I love a challenge and I think it'd suit 2 players well. I'd make a new character with you and we can play through the game at your pace - I also have VoiP to chitchat it up while we play. :)

    I am down for any combination of mods, or none at all! Totally up to you and we can chat about the options more via skype or w/e. :mrgreen:

    Private message me your skype or another way to contact you, and we'll get things set up if you want to play! :)
  • Hey, welcome back to Torchlight 2!

    I'm always looking for people to play this great game with. The more friends the better! :)

    You can add me in-game (runicID is Zyronidius). I've also got steam and skype as a means to be contacted. PM me and I'll send you my contact info for those.

    I pretty much just play unmodded, and have (probably) far too many characters of each class, with varying levels. I'm open to starting new characters as well.

    Looking forward to seeing you in-game! o/

  • Hey Guys,

    I might be a bit late on this one, but I am generally also looking for people to play with on co-op elite, vanilla version (from lvl 1).
    I search rather experienced players who have a quick pace (which doesn't mean rushing).
    Hit me ingame (SkyintheSea) or on Skype/Steam (Details via PM).

    See you ingame~
  • I'm on my 3rd playthrough i believe, but can always start another Perfectvillain.tvr on steam
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