Is +4% damage worth it?

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Hey all,

I'm trying to decide if the gem in my ring that gives me +4% to all damage is worth more than a gem that gives me +18 ranged weapon damage bonus.

I'm an outlander with dual wands. Using stats for just one wand:
231 dps
Fire damage - 135-153
Ice damage - 45-51
22 poison damage (gem)
14 poison damage (gem)
3% fire damage (enchantment)
Conveys 90 fire damage over 5 seconds (enchantment)
2% damage over all (enchantment)

My breakdown for total DPS is as follows:
DPS and gems: 231 + 22 + 14 = 267
3% fire dmg enchantment: 144 (135 +153 / 2 for avg fire dmg) + 3% = 4
90 fire dmg over 5 seconds: (90 / 5 for avg fire dmg per second) = 18
Subtotal DPS: 289

2% dmg over all: 289 + 2% = 295
Subtotal DPS: 295

295 + 4% (from gem in ring) = 307
Total DPS: 307

If, however, I remove the +4% dmg-overall gem from the ring and add the +18 ranged weapon damage...
295 DPS (prior to +4% from gem in ring) + 18 = 313
Total DPS: 313

Is this correct?
The +18 range is, I presume, only using the wands, but that's fine.




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    The +18 damage on your ring is not like the damage on your weapons or gems inserted in weapons. It will not be increased by strength or focus. Only +damage gems that are inserted directly in weapons scale with stats. So in the long run %4 damage is more valuable as you get better weapons with better gems inserted in them.
  • Sebi,

    Thanks for the response.
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    Sebi nailed it.
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    If 4% of your weapon base dmg per hit > 18, so it's worth.
    But in this case, it's not.
  • 1st
    no need to calculate, you can see your real weapon DPS including all bonuses you have from stats or items equipped by checking the arcane stats, it will show your real "weapon %DPS" used by skills (except a few berzerker skills)
    it's only the right hand that counts btw you can easily see it by yourself by activating verbose mode in the game settings and attacking a dummy if you use magma spear (mage) for example with a strong and weak wand, swap them you'll see an immediate loss in damage if you equip the weak weapon in right hand
    attacking the dummy will quickly show you what works better whatever armor weapons you have equipped
    seems like you play outlander the "right way" :P aka as a mage, I played dual wand+poison burst a long time ago it was fun but not elite difficulty "good"
    so you can check my "beat elite **** starting with no items" build, basically the wand-sword-whatever I use only for the bonuses +crit chance +crit damage +cast speed the base damage is player level dependant and does not rely on the weapon DPS, it makes it slower at low level because you can't be stronger by equipping higher dps wands but endgame you can concentrate on critical damage and you will do hundreds of thousands of damage per second
    charge bar+share the wealth and you mostly do crits endgame
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    How much damage can you make if you will use both dual wand+poison?

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