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I am wondering if this is true that you guys are preparing to launch a linux version of your TL2?
You know... there's some gossip around gamingonlinux and other linux gaming community sites about this.
Any confirmation? :)
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  • ChthonChthon Posts: 1,855
    Given how hugely Runic got burned when they said "oh yeah, we're planning a mac version," and then ran into porting problems that stalled them for two years, while lots of irate mac users ranted about how they'd broken their promise, I suspect that they're going to stay mum about a linux port unless and until it actually launches.

    That said, a linux depot was added to Steam recently, so they probably are working it, and are probably close enough to done to bother Steam about it.
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    It would be awesome to be able to play torchlight with the Steam controller on SteamOS. The touchpad looks like it would allow much better control than an analog stick. :D
  • No need for gossip there is a Linux version on a Steam Depo, which is updated daily to a new build version.
  • turnipzturnipz Posts: 1,308
    So being that Mac was released when can we expect this? Is it going to be another 2 years?
  • OmnifasOmnifas Posts: 3,442 ✭✭✭
    Steam Machines according to Valve are going to have a big presence at GDC this year(March), so I think that time would be perfect to at least reveal it.
  • The Mac announcement prompted me to boot up TL2 in Wine today, and to my annoyance the latest build of Wine has (somehow) broken TL2 again... and reverting to the last-known-good version doesn't fix it. Presumably it'd work if I reinstalled, but I've only got 4 reactivations left and I might need them more later.

    I'm still not a fan of Steam, but a Linux port of TL2 with Steam DRM would probably be more reliable than the Windows port with Runic's DRM under Wine.

    (still crossing my fingers for TL2 DRM-free on someday)
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