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I have the opportunity to upgrade a piece of armor that gives me an extra 42 physical damage on top of what the armor stat comes with.
But in taking the upgrade, the armor I loose has an enchantment for 42 physical damage reflected.
The question is do these cancel each other out?
If not, which would be better (considering just these stats)?




  • embermanemberman Posts: 729
    +damage on armor applies on your hits that you land on enemies. Flat damage reflection on armor applies when you receive hits from enemies. You can't really compare the two since they apply at different times. However both are fairly worthless enchantments - you'd be better off with almost anything else that is available, especially as you level up and both monster hp and the damage you deal grows to the point that armor-based flat damage boosts become irrelevant.
  • Okay, so there's a slow leak up stairs...in my head, that is.
    Not "physical damage" but "physical armor."

    The comparison is between a piece of armor with 42 physical armor verses 42 reflective armor.
    However, I've come to understand, if I understand correctly, that the "reflective" means it actually causes damage to the enemy.
    I was under the impression that it simply meant the enemies damage reflected off the armor, doing no harm to me.


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