Best allocation of Attribute points for Engineer?

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What is the best stat to put my attribute points in for an Engineer? If I want to put them all in ONE stat?


  • WarTaakWarTaak Posts: 16
    Edit :

    If you had to focus on a single attribute, i'd say strength is your best bet, along with a flame hammer build and a high physical-based weapon. It also works with a canoneer build (unless you're planning on using Fusillade ? I dunno why people hates that skill, had a lot of fun playing with it.) but you might have to slot some dex ? i'm not sure about that tho.

    If, however, you're asking what are the best allocation for an engineer, i'd say Stregth/focus. Aim for 1000 in both and build Emberquake.

    But really what works better is what suits you the most. If you wanna beat the **** out of everything with your 2H wrench, then go Strength, if you wanna play a more "mage-ish" engineer, spawning flames everywhere then go for an hybrid build. I dunno about summoners though.
  • CodexMMOCodexMMO Posts: 26
    So we get enough point to drop 1000 in Strength and 1000 more in focus? I will go for that. Thank you!
  • WarTaakWarTaak Posts: 16
    Well you don't actually get enough point (at all, at level 100 you get 495 points) but there an enchanter, Borris, that allows you to enchant your gear with attribute stats and it can go pretty high.
    So far I've 1555 stats points coming from my enchants, and it could go higher.
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