Does Redeeming Runic Keys on Steam Work for Windows Too?

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I noticed this link in the Mac release info. Apparently, Steam is now honoring keys issued by Runic. The wording isn't completely clear if this is just for the Mac version, or for Windows too.

Assuming one can redeem a Runic key for a Windows Steam TL2 client, how does one go about migrating to Steam? Can both clients coexist on the same machine (or do you end up with registry conflicts)? Can savegames and mods be copied freely between the Runic and Steam clients (assuming one disables cloudsave)?
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    Yes, this works for all users who purchased non-Steam keys before February 2, 2015. Just like what we did with the first Torchlight game when we shipped for Mac: All those TL2 keys have been grandfathered. Although, we've gone a bit further this time because now we include *all* non-Steam Runic and partner keys.

    If you're a Windows user and you want to switch to Steam, you can do that now. If you want to pick up a Mac crossgrade, you can do that too.

    Edit: Forgot to answer the second part of your question. You should be able to have both installed at the same time. Most of the boxes we have at the office had had both installed at various points, or have both currently. My desktop PC at the office has both. No problems at all. I need to finish updating the KB articles to show the different save locations... that's on the agenda for tomorrow! ;)
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  • I have a predicament I had bought TL2 both on Runic Games and on Steam. So as of now my Runic Games Key is sitting in the internet gathering e-dust. Is it okay if I have it traded with other users with other game keys. (I.E: Trading TL2 Key for TL1 Key)
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