First Impressions Mac

BellyboyBellyboy Posts: 75
edited February 2015 in TL2 General Discussions
wow. :D

this really transformed the loot-based arpg experience for me. I love the classes, the side-quests, the visuals and entire artistic direction, the goofiness, the pets, the game play, the skill choice.... I've only played about an hour and a half and I am already planning my next play through with my next class!

The wait was long, but now that I'm playing, I really enjoy the game. Thank you Runic!!! Aces all around.

My only problems: my key bindings reverted after I closed the program. Does this happen to everyone? I quickly resigned myself to playing with the default keys (as that's what I'm used to with Torchligh), but I'd prefer not to. Also, the sound disappeared on me after pausing for 30 minutes. Is this common too? FYI: the sound could be my computer, it did that for Bastion too (but no other games I can think of).


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