Five more solid builds for Berserker?

VardlonitVardlonit Posts: 634
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Im' only playing at Hard difficulty, have already played more than two time the game but it was many years ago. And I forgot a lot of the game and just reading the skills puzzled me a bit. And I still wonder about the attributes.

I started play and character is level 7 but only 2 skills point used including the start skill so everything open.

I won't bother not use Shadow Burst, it's a powerful and easy tool. Rage system doesn't suit my play style, I don't like be rushed, so I'm not sure I want builds focused on rage exploits. I'd also prefer choose a slower play that is more some heavy 2H weapons but I think it's not really suited to Berzerker. Other than that's it's open. So to get idea and refresh my memory about traps and strength and possibilities of Berzerker builds I'd like know 5 examples of solid Berzerker builds.

I'm not looking for OP builds but builds easier to play but offering more valid tactics with a more diversified gameplay.
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