No character transfer to Mac version of TL2

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Hey all,

I got TL2 for Windows way back when it was released. Playsed it for 45 hours (according to Steam). Steam even has all of my achievements still recorded.

I was glad to see the Mac version released, as I don't even have the Windows machine any more that I played TL2 on (An iMac running Boot Camp).

So, I downloaded TL2 from Steam to my newer Mac Mini (for free, so Steam knows I have paid for the game), made a Runic account, and linked the Steam account to it. I even read on the Runic site that character saves transfer because they are saved in the Steam cloud.

But when I start TL2, all it says is "New Game". How do I start where I left off from the 45 hours I played on Windows? I'm not saying I would mind playing it all again, but -- well, OK, I am saying that. I would mind. I had a nice Embermage going and don't care to slog through 2-3 stages I had already completed.

How do I continue the game with what should be saved in the Steam cloud? And no, there are no Windows files left for me to try to get to. They died when my iMac with Boot Camp crashed and burned. The whole point of a cloud save is that I shouldn't need the other install any more, right?




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    I'm going to take a guess that you'll need to contact Steam's support for this one. If you still had your "windows" machine, this would be a simple copy/paste. But you don't...

    Long way around: Install bootcamp/virtualbox/etc. and windows on your new mac, reinstall TL2 to your "windows" machine, get save file from cloud, copy/paste the save file.
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  • the TL;DR is this - You need to sync once on a windows machine and then you will be able to sync your saves on your Mac.

    Detailed explanation:

    We use Steam Autocloud to sync, which relies on a set of rules that we set that say what files and where and what platform to sync.

    When a file is uploaded by one of those rules it is associated to the rule and all its restrictions (like OS) at the time of the upload. So your saves from way back are still up there but will only download if you match the rule restrictions for that file when it was uploaded.

    We recently changed the rules to apply to all OSes to prepare for this launch, any files synced after that rule change will sync over.

    If you log into Steam on a windows machine and start the game once, it will sync down your saves based on the old rules and when you quit that game session it will sync back up using the new rules and will then be available to sync down on your Mac.

    Hope that helps clarify things!
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  • You guys rock... As luck would have it, I just Boot Camp's this Mac Mini and have WIndows on the other partition. I'll install Steam, download TL2, and then do the cloud sync! I appreciate the quick response and detailed info!

  • Worked perfectly. Downloaded in Windows, played the game a bit (save was right where I had left it), then booted over to the Mac and the game resumed right where I left off in Windows. Runs nice and smooth, to.

    You can be as TL;DR as you want when providing such excellent, helpful information!

    Thanks again,
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    Glad it is working and that you had the save to cloud option enabled on the old PC.
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