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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the game (playing since the mac release on Monday), and have started some games on veteran and one with an outlander on elite, which is pretty challenging.
Together with two friends of mine I play a Tank Engineer (also veteran), I'm basically impossible to kill there xD
But I see my friends getting one-shotted from time to time, because they are very squishy and the enemies are of course a lot stronger in multiplayer.

Now I was wondering: if I played Berserker in Multiplayer, is it even viable? Because as a Berserker you also go for dmg and not for tank, am I right?
So it's really hard for me to imagine how you wanna survive in Multiplayer as a melee squishy. Is it possible?


  • SebiSebi Posts: 63
    First, no matter what you play you will meed some damage resist (especially on elite). So farm some Grells Eye and, on lvl 50-65 map, skull of limoany.

    Second, the berserker has the BEST healing mechanisms in the game.

    Third. **** yes he can do it! I have five berserkers on elite playing in tartarus against lvl 200 mobs. They are devastating!
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    If you're playing multiplayer Veteran/Elite, or single player Elite, there are some basic strategies that will significantly increase your survivability.

    1) Wear a shield. If you get a good blue one with ~17% block, you'll be very happy no matter what class you are.

    2) For berzerkers: Level up Shadow Burst and use it liberally. Always take 1 point of Blood Thirst.

    3) Focus on getting +HP gear.

    4) Use your pet to buy higher-level potions than are available in town.
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    Beserkers are entirely viable.
    **** Elite 100 Beserker NG(4) Cleared, World First.
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