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hi! i'm new to torchlight. I just actually started playing haha 2 years after release haha
2 years wasted i'd say. :(

are people still playing?

just finished the game.

are you guys only on normal? or NG+?

is the "DEFAULT" NG+?


  • everyone should have at least one character in NG+ to farm items for his other characters, preferably a "killer" not a 1st character with bad skills choices
    most new players stay in NG and that's where you will find the most people to play with

    NG+ benefits
    - you can already play the "endgame" of torchlight 2 which is tarroch tomb lvl 105 to 200 ennemies
    - you can buy spells level 5-6
    - you can drop limoany skulls
    - you have better loot and a few more dungeons
    - the game seems designed for you to go to NG+ (especially since the "nether realm" update)

    don't go to more than NG+ unless you never want to play with people again
    don't go to more than NG+ if you ever want to get limoany skulls (required to beat tarroch tomb in veteran-elite unless you cheat)

    - you can drop higher level eyes (not all their bonuses level up but you can get more elemental damage for wands or staffs)
    - you can drop higher level versions of the minecraft swords (with better stats for a still very low focus requirement)
    - the rest is pretty much like NG+ but with lvl 100-120 ennemies it was useful before tarroch tomb but now I don't see why you would go there except the 2 things above

    I can tell you how I did it in HC that I play now
    I have one casual mage leveled purely to farm items in NG+ (frost phase teleport will 1-shot most ennemies, fastest way to upgrade weapons, clear a map or farm phase challenges)
    I have one elite berzerker leveled purely to farm tarroch tomb
    Everyone else I kept in the 1st playthrough
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