[VIDEO+STUFF] Ravage Me **** [Elite HC Tested]

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Hello folks!

Some of you may remember me as a pretty active former poster who liked to make videos and spend millions at the enchanter. A little after my last video, a computer accident meant I lost all of my TL2 chars and saved goodies, including my Chaos Theory Shotgunner, Glaivelander, DW engineer and 4 100 HCE chars including a Razezerker (Tieryals build), Shotgunner, Summongineer and Prismatic Mage.

This was sad. But, I found I had some time on my hands and as I was starting from scratch, decided to perfect my Ravage on Ice build for HCE.
No shield.
It took 5 chars, and other than pots and scrolls, I transferred nothing in the Stash. As I found out, esp sub 20, good pots were essential. I don't think it can be done without them, as early bosses for an auto attack melee without a shield is really sketchy; but at the same time I knew if I could ever reach 100 it would be an awesome build to have on HCE, and as I no longer possess a working copy of Rapid Respec (is it still around?) was stuck with the skills I levelled with.

Levelling this in HCE taught me a lot; it certainly made me a better player and more aware of positioning (no shield=death!), and it certainly gave me a deeper understanding of game mechanics/scaling. It is by far the hardest levelling experience I have had in TL2.



First, check this build to understand Ravage.
And check this build to understand Zerkers and HCE. I know i am not reinventing the wheel here, much groundwork has been done before.

You want to use a fast MH claw with lifesteal when levelling. If you spend the point in skills I have, your prio for weapons will be:
Lifesteal>+Ice Damage>X Physical Damage over 5 secs>Mana on Hit (when Ravage is available)>X Ice Damage over 5 secs>-Armor on Hit.
At 100, your MH should be very fast, have high dps, increase attack speed or cast speed, and have X Physical Damage over 5 secs, +Ice Damage and +Mana on hit if not using Aristocrat Set.
Your offhand is a stat stick, +Attack Speed, +Critical Damage and X Physical/Ice over 5 secs are excellent here. I am using the Augmented Weapon trick on my offhand, to gain massive amounts of stats (for massive amounts of gold). My beauty-that as of this date has cost me juust under 10 mil-is linked at the end of this post.


Up until you get Ravage, this build is punishing. When you get Ravage, you take off like a rocket. My average level time was 54 mins until 44, by 100, it was down to 25 mins overall.
Mycons, Purple Fire, Green arrow fire, traps, bomb bots, Vyrax are tough. Grell was very tough, despite me using 2 (or maybe three) near max level healing pots, he was still tremendously hard.
The Three Sisters were insane. Don't do them. I was so lucky 3 times on that fight. Farm them at 100 with top notch gear.

Once I hit 100, I farmed Tartarus Lite with two pals, Replicor-SummonVitGoldMagicFindgineer and Twingly-Glaivelander. So thanks for that fun boys ;). Was interesting to see how I worked in a group esp when monsters were tougher and hit harder. It was a little uncomfortable, but I feel I more than held my own and even from day one increased the clear speed of the group drastically.
Fast forward a while of speed farming and fiddling (mostly with enchants..again..click click click) and I started carefully farming the first ten levels of Tartarus Extreme solo. The random bosses are mega scary (nothing worse than a surprise Vyrax!)


On a final note, mods. All mods I use can be found on Steam with the exception of Tartarus v5 which I just converted from an old .PAK myself. I am more than happy to share it if anyone is interested. It may very well kill you.
Enhanced Retex just makes everything look nicer. Enhanced Character Creation lets all classes have all hair and faces. Cosmetic Slots lets you 'Transmog' your gear-I did this from level 1 by making an alt and consoling the pieces I thought would look nice, then dropping them in the Shared Stash. They don't give any bonuses, and can be worn regardless of class or lvl requirement. This mod also gives you 10 bag pages for items, potions and scrolls. Cant recommend it enough.
Berserker Skill Duration 5 mins simply means I have to click less things. Ordinarily all those buffs can still be maintained 100%. This just makes it less of a chore.


15/15 Howl: Debuff, kiting tool, its awesome. Be careful not to raise it too fast, I stayed at 5/15 until about 60, as it eats mana
15/15 Battle Rage: One to always keep maxed out. My favourite skill, ever.
15/15 Ravage: The end of autoattack! Get mana on hit/mana regen gear to make it semi spammable until 100.
14/15 Blood Hunger: You need this to live. Early on.
15/15 Rampage: Nice when you have points to drop in it. Not a prio.

1/15 Stormclaw: Early damage and good synergy with +lightning damage from quests, random drops and early zerker uniques.
10/15 Iceshield: My Outlander would kill for this. Max it always.
15/15 Cold Steel Mastery: After level 30, the most important passive.
1/15 Shatter Storm: One point is all you need.

15/15 Shadow Burst: Max it to 5 asap, then top up as you can afford. Insanely good for staying alive and avoiding telegraphed attacks.
1/15 Savage Rush: The last skill I bought at 100, for fun and movement.
15/15 Shred armor: If you have lots of armor shred gear, can be a lower priority, but I always tried to max it out for the resist at early levels. I went above 10 as I frequently farm 150+ mobs.


Dual Wield, Weapons Expertise, Haste and Dervish. Pet has Treasure Hunter and random **** as I still need to farm BEE SWARM and others.

I spent 3 Str 1 focus almost every level, looking for +health, mana regen, ice damage, ice gems and attack speed/lifesteal.
BiS Gear list: Dont know, im still tinkering. Atm I am running with 4pc Dragonrift/3 pc Aristocrat/2 pc Asphyx and Shoulders from the new Zerker set for anti immobilize, and feel that this is pretty solid, allowing for MONSTROUS health (almost 30k). Weapons are a WoG in MH (still hunting for Hammer of Retribution, sigh) and Augmented white level 88 claw in OH that I have been slowly working on from level 90. My gear and enchants are far from perfect and I forsee the next few months will be fixing up the char with perfect enchants and better rolled gear, as I am carrying too much Dex and even some Vit atm. I also need more cast speed.
I do however feel my current setup is the strongest: 3 pc Aristocrat (Str/Focus/Cast Speed/Attack Speed/Health), 4 pc Dragonrift (Same as Aristo), 2 pc Asphyx, Shoulders of Choice. I use Wizard of Gore Mainhand with +ice damage, Skull of Zardon and Eye of Aleera. Offhand is an augmented weapon as so:
Socket for Health and ofc 75% damage resist cap. Enchant to get critical damage bonus to 500% with skulls/gear, the rest into Focus.

Thats about it, I will return in the next few days for screenshots/gear discussions or whatever, if there is any interest. :lol:

edit: TARTARUS V5 as requested

Be careful out there ;)


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    I am glad to be the first to post. Your builds are awesome (XKillas insight included) :). They have helped and inspired all my chars. I hope you stick around. I actually want to post some builds, one for Outlander and one for berzerker. Also thanks a lot for Tartarus v5! I have been doing v2 and those first 20 floors of Swamp Trolls and Werewolves are challenging .

    On a side note, would you consider Draketalon helmet? That thing has 20% DR!! That is like 4 Limoanies + 2sockets= 6 sockets...plus set bonus.

    Also Shards of Cobalt legendary sword. It has 100% chance to freeze (is it Mighty Zardon you have or just Zardon? I may be talking nonsense) giving you an extra socket for a healthy 2x Eyes of Aleera. It also has 5% Thunder which cannot hurt I guess. It is slower than Wizard of Gore but is full elemental so it benefits from strength and focus equally. I love this weapon.

    Cheers :)
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    Well, thanks for the kind comments. I am hoping to roll a new Engineer on EHC to replace my old one, so who know, maybe that will be something interesting as well. :P

    Main reason I post things like this is it makes me happy, and I love getting other peoples insights. Case in point: I was not overly familiar with the 'new' items re: harbringer and new legendaries as I have not really seen much. But some quick console theorycrafting show me that losing asphyx gloves+head for 3pc Draketalon would increase DPS by over 10% at a loss of only 4k health. Shards of Cobolt is interesting; in Tartarus it is far better against Trash and some bosses, but not as good against magic resist bosses such as Alchemist and Thriss as it lacks a physical component.

    So now I have more to hunt for :twisted:
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    Yeah, this is **** so you need to be chunky, with lots of health. You are also doing it without a shield which is cool.In my mind the Draketalon helmet would actually give you an extra socket. Like 4x Limoany + 2 sockets + Hands of Orlac = 11 sockets in theory. So you would actually gain an extra skull of Reichliu, making you even tougher.

    Also Asphyx helm is lvl 92 and Draketalon helm is 105. So if you are super lucky you get over 210 stats on it so potentially extra 15% DPS damage. It also has 8% extra melee damage.

    So Draketalon Helmet and hands of orlac could give 1500 extra health and around 20% extra damage. Also reduced health loss from Asphyx to only -12 per second from the hands only which could mean a second extra Reichliu because you might not Skull of X'n!troph for regen bumping to an extra 3000 hp. But even -12 health loss might be risky on ****. Just a thought. But 1500 extra health you do get for sure. :)

    BTW I had no idea that The Alchemist and Thiss had extra magic resistance!
  • Cool build, thinking about using this as a base to make a new character and play through with no mods. What do you recommend for the 5th stat point? Just dex?
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    Sweeter wrote:
    and as I no longer possess a working copy of Rapid Respec (is it still around?) was stuck with the skills I levelled with.


    Don't know if you are still around. I think I downloaded Rapidrespec from here: http://clockworkcore.org/tl2rr.html

    Not sure, it was some time ago, but it's still around.
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    In case anybody was interested in using a variation of this build for HCE I've spent the better half of a week compiling a BiS list assuming the following;
    • A solid amount of bonus stat enchantments from Borris & co.
    • At least 1% mana leech
    • 75% block
    • 75% dodge under the effects of Battle Standard.
    • A healthy bias towards survivability, but opting for highly efficient DPS trades.
      • (E.g. Draketalon Gloves instead of Hands of Orlac, for the five piece set bonus as well as the immense offensive power they provide, at the cost of 2 Skull of Riechliu.)

    So without further ado; Endgame BiS. *As the specific benefits of charge Charge decay & Charge rate are for the most part unquantifiable I've left the decision of which piece of which set to place in which slot up to the reader, along with including links to both of the optimal items.

    This set specifically was compiled using a modified version of beastmodeengaged's Emberquake spreadsheet, altered specifically for Ravage & assuming a 25%+5%+5% chance to trigger Glacial Spike on hit. Along with various musings by Chthon here & here.
    And a direct link here in case that post manages to vanish.
    If you've any questions or comments regarding my conclusions please feel free to bring it up & I'll attempt to explain my methodology as best as possible.
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    Cool :D

    Sounds about right with your BiS items. The helm, gloves, shoulders and belt are just too good. Centerwing, such an amazing mid level shield. Wonder why they made chaos shield so inaccesible for pretty much the same thing. For a DpS build i'd use the original harbinger pants since that 3% attack speed adds up but i guess you don't really need that for spell a triggering build.

    Another ideea i've been having is using Slagbreeks for pants (10%) crit with the shoulders of cidermen (20% crit) and pray for a lucky 4th enchantment from karkozi (10%) crit, reaching close to the 500% crit dmg cap. Or instead of Karkozi use Savage chest armor for 20% critdmg totaling at exactly 50% so no more rambren skull. I'm working on this right now.

    PS:Just a thought, no stress :) , I think that even for a slight variation such as yours it would be better to open a new thread and leave this one for the Op's build ;)
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    Yeah the Slagbreeks are for sure a good piece, there's just no room to use them. The 12% attack speed ends up being more worthwhile from using sub-par set items, along with both the Shoulders of the Cindermen and The Searing Amulet being stronger individual pieces. Of course if you were foregoing the use of a shield (and as such causing Vitality Attribute bonuses to become worthless) then swapping to the Slagbreeks is your best option.

    ...Though if you're dropping a shield to dual-wield in the first place I'm sure there is a completely different combination of gear that would result in higher DPS.

    There's also the consideration that if you do use the Slagbreeks you're going to have to pick up the 5th set-piece somewhere else as well, since you certainly don't want to drop either the 5 piece Harbinger or the 3 piece Aristocrat. Berserker chest & leg options (along with rings) are notoriously weak, which is why you opt to drop a better piece to complete the set bonus(es) in those slots. There's also the fact that you lose !!23!! iLvls on the Slagbreeks when compared to the Draketalon Pants, which is a very considerable sum of stats you end up missing out on from Borris.
    (All of these things are points which I've taken in to consideration prior to writing up my post.)
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    I never would give up the 12% attack speed bounus from harbinger set either and I never implied it. I wrote this ideea having a different set-up in mind i guess. The rings are indeed horrible. You cand simply use harbinger amulet (+ Drake helm, gloves, belt and harb boots) since the one you are using only gives you that 54 vit (or something), while with harb amulet you keep the 12% bounus and gets rid of the need for rambren skull which quantifies multiplicatively. Same for the pants. You can still have 60 stats enchants at their level. What the extra 20 stats from draketalon pants offer is additive, slagbreeks multiplicative. A small compromise with a possibly a great reward. It's just an experiment. I haven't had the time to try it yet but I will! I've tried everything else so why not :)

    The original harbinger pants were just a thought for a pure dps ravager (which I have) that can use every bit of +%speed. You can reach 0.20 attacks per second with 80K Dps in arcane pannel topping ravage crits at around 220K crits without howl debuff. But your build does not need this. Stats from draketalon pants are better for glacial spike.
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    Sebi wrote:
    ... You cand simply use harbinger amulet (+ Drake helm, gloves, belt and harb boots) since the one you are using only gives you that 54 vit (or something), while with harb amulet you keep the 12% bounus and gets rid of the need for rambren skull which quantifies multiplicatively. Same for the pants. ...
    While I have absolutely no idea what you mean by "rambren skull which quantifies multiplicatively" or how the Harbinger amulet allows you to forgo one (or why you would even want one in the first place...) I'd like to point out that based on the calculations done via the spreadsheet I linked prior; the stats gained from using The Searing Amulet over Harbinger Badge give more DPS than the Slagbreeks over the Draketalon Pants.

    The Searing Amulet i81
    • +4% to All Damage
    • +8% Melee Weapon Damage bonus
    • 115 Physical Damage Reflected
    • +56 Vitality Attribute bonus
    Harbinger Badge i99
    • +10% to Physical Armor
    • +6% Mana
    • +8% Melee Weapon Damage bonus
    The difference being; (When using the non-set item.)
    • +4% to All Damage
    • 115 Physical Damage Reflected
    • +56 Vitality Attribute bonus (56 Focus, assuming we're capping block, as stated.)
    • -18 iLvls

    Slagbreeks i82
    • 10% bonus to Critical Damage
    • Charge rate increased by 20%
    • +23 Dexterity Attribute bonus
    • 6% increase in the amount of gold found
    Draketalon Pants i105
    • Charge decay rate decreased by -70%
    • Charge rate increased by 30%
    The difference being; (When using the non-set item.)
    • 10% bonus to Critical Damage
    • +23 Dexterity Attribute bonus (23 Focus, assuming we're capping dodge, as stated.)
    • -23 iLvls.

    Therefore, when strictly comparing The Searing Amulet vs Slagbreeks, along with factoring in the bonuses lost & gained from the 5th set item you would need to swap to it's easy to see that;
    • +4% to All Damage, 115 Physical Damage Reflected, +33 Focus Attribute bonus & 5 iLvls > (is greater than) 10% bonus to Critical Damage.
    This is even when completely ignoring the charge bonuses on the Draketalon Pants.
    (Charge bar filling 10% slower, as well as expiring 70% sooner when using Harbinger Badge + Slagbreeks instead of The Searing Amulet + Draketalon Pants.)
    I hope I'm not coming off as rude, just trying to explain what the DPS calculator is seeing when doing calculations.
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    I know I tend to overexplain or end up being totally ambiguous but there is no need to pull the spread sheets on me :)

    I know that Harbinger amulet or slagbreeks taken individually are weaker than what you have. My ideea was (and i've yet to try this) that with slagbreeks, the shoulders you are using and a lucky 4th enchantment from karkozi one could reach the 500% crit dmg cap without a Rambren skull, which is what most people use.

    So you are left with a free weapon slot where you can put whatever you please: Vastok for DPS, Vellinque, Aleera's, a rainbow, whatever :)

    Of course I don't even know how much you care about crit dmg since i don't know your stats..are you all focus or 999 strength for 450% crit and focus for the rest? I don't know. Whatever the case +50% crit dmg goes miles above a bit of stat gain and 4% all damage because it's multiplicative, not additive like stats and any other +dmg %
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    I understand you want to get 500% Critical Damage, but whether you're going from 470% Critical Damage -> 480% Critical Damage or 490% Critical Damage -> 500% Critical Damage the "Critical Damage" bonuses are still additive in that sense. Simply because you reach 500% Critical Damage doesn't automatically make it better than flat stats, as I pointed out in the previous post.

    Aside from that you aren't going to be using a Rambren Skull either way, it's going to be two The Eye of Aleera, as also stated. Though yes, you would still want to shoot for those lucky enchants from Karkozi, you still wouldn't want to arbitrarily reach 500% Critical Damage via Slagbreeks.

    I'm not saying that you don't want to somehow get 500% Critical Damage, as yes, in some manner this may better better than flat stats.
    You just don't want to include Slagbreeks, within the confines of 3-peice Aristocrat & 5-peice Harbinger's, as a way to do that.

    Simply because "most people" are doing it doesn't strictly make it optimal, regardless of whatever anecdotal evidence they provide.
    I hope I've managed to explain this correctly without offending you. I am just very confused upon why you keep trying to include Slagbreeks. :D
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    lol, not offended :) I am just enthusiastic about some new combos for equipment. I really have tried everything else so now i'm looking into those pieces no one ever uses in hopes of digging up something useful.

    For you rambren is indeed a no go because you are using shield so you can't afford to loose an aleera eye. I still don't know your stats. Since you use drake's pants for charge i guess you invested in strength which is an excellent idea for any build with any character...except a DOT build maybe :)

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