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Nope. No phone version. I very much doubt they'd be able to get Torchlight onto a phone without a significant amount of work. They barely got Torchlight onto the Xbox-and even they they needed to rebuild it from scratch and Torchlight II is too memory intensive due to the randomized levels.


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    I don't think there are phones with more than 2GB of RAM, plus a decent graphics processor, plus the battery and cooling to keep it working more than 2 minutes. Well, maybe something along the lines of Samsung Note 4 might just barely manage to pull it off, but that would be... less than optimal. And by that I mean "absolutely useless effort" for the developer. Plus it's Android.

    EDIT for specifics: Checked the available Nokia Lumia models: the only one that even manages to get somewhat close to the minimum specs for TL2 is the 930, and it still falls flat on its **** because it rocks an Adreno 330 graphic chip which is, at best, half as powerful as an integrated Intel HD3000 processor, and those already struggle with the game.
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