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I love TorchED! It's made it so easy to make my own modifications to the game, like sound adjustments for things that were too loud, difficulty adjustments, etc.

I have been having one issue with a modification that I've been trying to make, however. I'm running DoctorT's Evolved Ember, which is pretty awesome, but I wanted to make a few adjustments. I've added in and altered a few gem effects to make them more pet-friendly. For instance, I changed the gems that added to pets statistics so they could be added to the items the pet was wearing directly. The item that I've changed the most has been the Diamond gem - instead of adding a % to pet's armor, it adds a % to armor (so that it can be worn by the pet), and I also wanted to add defense to it.

I did this by going to the Effects & Affixes editor, but the defense increase isn't working properly. For both of the pet gems (health and armor) I changed all the trinket affixes (30 each) so they would work in the pet's items, and in the diamond I added a new affix, defense. It's set as passive, and everything about it is identical to the %armor, except the effect. Unfortunately, when I open Torchlight, the affixes aren't applying properly. The armor/health parts are fine, and increase the way they should, but the defense affix goes like this:
Is Should
01 - 1 2
02 - 2 1
03 - 3 7
04 - 4 9
05 - 5 12
06 - 6 1
07 - 7 2

Any ideas? I've double and triple checked the values in the affixes editor and they're all set correctly...

EDIT: Evolved Ember is running as my top priority mod.


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    It seems that now no one looks in this section. :) But it's great that someone still makes mods for TL1.
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