What bosses always drops Uniques?

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What bosses always drops Uniques?

I know that General Grell, Grand Regent and Manticore does, but does someone have the complete list?


  • edit : what I'm trying to tell below is that torchlight 2 is not a game where you have to rely on rare random drops to have good gear, the only thing you need to have luck to get are socketables, legendaries and unique sets (which aren't that good)

    why would you drop uniques ? you can gamble for them easily, the armors are too random for that really but the weapons you can buy exactly the one you want in act2-3-4
    thats my list for act2..act3 i have on paper only for now
    sometimes the game wants to be annoying and will swap uniques with green or blue items but 80-90% of the time it's the right item
    buying is player level dependant so you can only gamble for them at the right time
    roundheaven which is really the only shield you should use till lvl75+ 29%block you can only gamble before lv25 after that you'll get a higher lvl shield with 15% block...doh!
    the suicide wand +20% all damage best wands for prism bolt mage I don't know the exact player level required but it's also very low i suggest rushing as much as you can to act2 so you can gamble it between 20-25
    if you don't see an item with one of those price, quit game reroll check shops until you are bored ;)
    Item Type	Item Name	Price 1	Price 2	Price 3	Max player level	Min Player Level	Comment
    amulet	The Smaragdus	2980					All Damage Taken is reduced by 10%
    axe	treechop	3190					
    axe	ultimatum	4290	4510				
    axe	wyrdaxe	3740	3960				
    bow	silence	3630					
    cannon	earsplitter	3740	3850	3960			
    cannon	rabble rouser	3520					
    cannon	loudspeaker	4620	4510				
    claw	beatdown	2750					
    claw	iron orb shocker	3190					
    claw	lovescratch	3850	3960				
    crosswbow	Heartpiercer	3190					
    crosswbow	The Scorpion	3850					
    greataxe	bone shredder	3740	3410	3520			
    greataxe	executioner's kiss	4510					
    greathammer	mansmasher	3740					
    greathammer	Tormentor	3190	3410				
    greatsword	goblinskewer	2860					
    greatsword	scrapper	4070					
    greatsword	severance	3960					
    mace	helmcracker	3080	2860				
    mace	jawbreaker	3850					
    mace	showstopper	3630					
    pistol	brasstaxx	4070					
    pistol	my little friend	2750	2970				
    pistol	small favor	3410	3520	3190			
    pistol	wyvern sting	4510	4620	4290			
    polearm	pyreshank	2860					
    polearm	runeshock	3190					
    ring	necros ring	2244					
    ring	ring of the five legends	2310					35% fire damage
    ring	wrath ring	2640					
    shield	roundheaven	2227	2392				
    shield	sentinel watch	2640					
    shotgun	thunderstrike	3410	3630				
    staff	The Cogsplitter	4290					
    staff	wyrdstaff	2970					
    sword	glorious	2970					15%cast speed 15%charge
    sword	killswitch	3410	3520				
    sword	longclaw	4510	4620	4840			
    wand	grimbone wand	3080	2860	3190			
    wand	parafex	3850					
    wand	suicide wand	3410	3520	3630			
    	scorcher	4290					
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