Any spare keys?

KrigoreKrigore Posts: 5
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Looking to try and get a runic or steam key somehow, played the game at my buddies house and loved it. If anyone plays WoW also Ill trade 60k for a key.


  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    I don't have any spare keys, but it was like 4 bucks the other day on Steam, and it's at 5 regularly (pretty much during every big sale), so it should be easy to get it.
  • I have no money or card that's why i'm here. Lol
  • gold163gold163 Posts: 4,852
    Cancel your WoW sub for a month and use that money to buy the game.
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    That's why I mentioned buying it, you need... 13 bucks a month for WoW?
  • I buy my time with in-game gold.
  • I actually just purchased the game, thanks for your advice. xD
  • ZiddersZidders Posts: 14,348 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for supporting Runic :)
  • SerkevanSerkevan Posts: 1,586
    Yeah, you'll enjoy it. BTW is buying game time with gold already a thing then? Last I checked it was beimg considered, but nothing more.
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