Bow / Minion build

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Hey all,

Say, I'm not sure where to point points in for a bow / minion build.



  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    Long Range Mastery, Share the Wealth, Blade Pact, Stone Pact, Shadowling Brute, Shadowling Ammo, Death Ritual

    Finish off with whatever you like, probably some combination of Rapid Fire/Chaos Burst/Venomous Hail.
  • StarkmanStarkman Posts: 78
    Okay, thanks. But what about stats? Is it Dex 109 and the rest in str?
  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    At first, I'd just go with whatever lets you use your equipment sooner. Once you start doing some serious enchanting, you could work on trying to raise your str and dex for crit chance and crit damage.
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    Hmm. That sounds so counter intuitive to what I've read so far, but I'll definitely take it into consideration - I am one of those players who constantly watches the vendors, using stats that increase gold find, in order to do just what you've said. But I've always upped either focus or strength first. I'm beginning to think that I'll be mostly dex and strength, though.

    Thanks again.
  • GeistGeist Posts: 128
    Well since it's mostly a minion build, you want the gear that adds minion damage, so if you meet the stat requirements, you can equip them much earlier than waiting for the level requirements. Str and Dex will likely end up being quite high, yes. Focus helps if you're doing a lot of elemental damage rather than physical, or damage over time.
  • StarkmanStarkman Posts: 78
    Got it. Thanks.
  • Thanks for that wonderful you have shared to us Geist, so great that it would help a lot especially to those who are not yet so familiar with this particular gameplay.

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