Missing Skill/attribute points ?

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Hey everyone, first post, yay o/

I've been playing the game recently, and while gathering info on the game around the net, I saw that we're supposed to get 132 skillpoints and 495 attributes points at level 100 + rank fame. Wich seems logic.
But, for an unknown reason, I only have 128 skill points and 480 attributes ones, wich is both weird and a pain in the ****.


As you may see, I am level 100 and demigod engineer.

Side info :
I'm using Torchlight II RapidRespec for my respecs, maybe it has something to do with that ?
Yesterday, my computer crashed while loading to get into another zone, ending up in all my character saves/backup files corrupted. I managed to get my char back by using auto-backups Torchlight II RapidRespec made a few hours earlier (and lost ton's of ****, and all my mules char/sharedstash :< rito please) could it be that ?

Any idea how to get those points back ?


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    Rapid Respec hasn't steered me wrong so far. You might just have to cheat your stats back. Luckily you can remove the flag in Rapid Respec as well.
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    WarTaak wrote:
    I'm using Torchlight II RapidRespec for my respecs, maybe it has something to do with that ?

    No. Rapid Respec can only move around the points you already have. I purposely made it incapable of creating or destroying stat/skill points.
    Any idea how to get those points back ?

    1. Unequip all your gear and triple-check your actual stat point total.
    2. Use Rapid Respec, or a respec potion, OR my brand new shiny mod that allows full skill & stat respec in-game, to refund all your skillpoints so that you can triple-check them as well.
    3. Use the console commands "SKILLPOINTS X" and "STATPOINTS X" to give yourself precisely the missing number of points.
    4. Use Rapid Respec to remove the flag for console use from your character.

    Note that giving yourself more points than you should have will cause you to be flagged in a way that cannot be removed. That's why I suggest triple-checking that you're really missing points before adding them with the console.

    I don't have the faintest clue how you managed to lose stat points in the first place. The combination of a respec potion and a mod that doesn't properly flag subskills as "hidden" can mess up your skillpoint count, but that usually adds skillpoints. I'm not sure how you can lose them. What mods have you been using?
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    That's the strangest part : I'm actually playing full Vanilla.

    As you can see here, I'm really missing points.

    Now here's a strange observation I made :

    My friends and I tried to play with Synergie once, but has it made our games to crash, we quickly dropped it and came back to vanilla version. But, when I played on synergie, I saw that I had 4 more skills points that I though came from the mod himself.
    Never actually realised I was missing points till this morning :<

    I guess I'll hack my stats back, But I 'd like to know how it happened. Any idea ?

    And thanks a LOT for Rapid Respec, it saved my char after my files got corrupted, thanks man :D
  • gytfunkegytfunke Posts: 571
    Hey WarTaak,

    I just had the same thing happen to one of my characters. It seems to have arisen since the release of the Mac/Linux versions if that has anything to do with it, but I've never seen it before.

    Just had to use the console to put myself back at the correct number of stat/skill points.
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