Identify Bug?

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My game has done this twice and i don't know why this is happening. Suddenly my items aren't identified anymore when i level before i touch or move them in my stash. They appear red, but get identified when i touch them. I can go several level beyond their identify-level but they still appear red as unidentified?

Anyone experienced this aswell?


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    Using any mods?
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  • No, but i found out that it happens when keeping unidentified stuff in the Shared Stash. For some reason this affects the displaying of items as identified. Restored a backup i made, moved the stuff to the Personal Stash and then reached the identifylevel and the gear then was displayed correct in the Personal Stash.

    When it's in the Shared Stash it dosen't belong to you (alone), and is therefor first identified when you pick it up (which obviously makes you own it again).
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