Is my build ok ?

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Hello everyone !

So, I've been playing since a week or so now and I'm now trying to "optimise" my engineer, or at least trying to do my best with what I have.
I saw quite a lot of guide, read everything I could about mechanics and how the games actually works, learned a lot of things, but I'm terrible at math (I mean, seriously, I had a really hard time understanding those graph in the EQ vs FH post :<) and I'm not sure I understoof everything.

Since I got the Mechano-Axe, i kinda fell in love with it, I just love how it looks and the fast attack speed she has, but I wondered if the runes/enchants I slotted in were worth and suits my build or if I should change a few things.
here's the "beast"
Here is my Arcane Statistics with it
And here are my stats
At first I had a skull of X-something-!-something that gave me -404 armor on hit, but with the mondon's set it really felt too much, was I wrong ?

As you may see, I'm an EQ build-based engi.
According to what I understood, 1000/1000 seemed to be what works better for that, but am I right ?
Also, I read there and there that I should only get dex to 53. And I just don't understand why, since I've a heavy crit-build, shouldn't it be better if I had more crit chance ?

So far my gear aren't done, still have to farm %DR skull (they're a pain :<) and I'm planning on slotting 4 +dex gems. is it worth ? is that too much ? I like crits, what should I aim for ?
I've 1555 points coming from borris ATM, should I aim for more ? should I enchant more strength/Focus ?
Also, I read somewhere that WoG with 2 vallinques was a beast when it comes to DPS, and I don't really understand why, it has a lower base-PS than my Mechano Axe, similar AS, so, why is it so good ?

I'm a little worried cause, so far, my best crit went up to 261k, wich seems great, but I'm only in NG3+ and I wasn't getting those boss down as fast as I would've expected. What could you consider a good DPS ? for comparaison sake.

Anyway, lots of questions and still have a lot to learn, any tips/advices would be greatly appreciate. I'm planning on writting a build, but I'd like to understand the game more before ,even though I think I've an ok overall view of it and how it works.
Thanks for reading, even more for answering. Bye !

Edit : I should have said that i'm aiming to clean NG5+, that's why i'm concerned about my build.
Edit 2 : Figured it out for dex skull, it's not worth.


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    You don't really need to stack -armor per hit. With endgame gear your dps gets high enough that enemy armor doesn't really matter. Same way your armor doesn't help much against their damage.

    Yes, for EQ you want str for crit and then as much focus as possible. More dex for crit chance is good too, but that can come from enchants rather than your base stats while you're trying to level.

    DR and health skulls are best, maybe some missile reflect if you find any.

    WoG was at one time the best dps before newer items were added, and it's onehanded, allowing to dual wield for more enchants. 2Handers are still fun though, and more than get the job done.

    The two things to improve would be dex for better crit chance, and focus. Strength stops at 1000 for the sake of crit damage, but there's no reason to stop focus at 1000. Get as much as possible.
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    Alright, thanks.

    Thinking about it, getting as much focus as I can seems logical. Here I come boris !

    Also, I really like that netherrealm spear I got, look really cool. But what should I slot on those sockets ? +% attack speed skulls ?
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    The choice of weapon is kind of tricky. Weapons and weapon-based skills do the weapon's max damage before modifiers, so axes kind of lose out there when you have a high crit chance.

    The netherrealm glaive has great dps and if you filled it with whorlbarbs you could even reach max crit chance and crit damage if you wanted. The downside is its damage is all physical, so none of that lovely focus applies at all, and neither does Fire & Spark.

    The Final Embrace has huge damage and even a chance to proc glacial spike, but still does 1/3 physical and 2/3 ice damage - enough to bring focus into play at least.

    The oddball option is the netherrealm staff. Slightly lower damage, and no useful bonuses on it, but deals its damage in pure fire and electric, gaining full benefits from focus, fire & spark, and the bonuses to fire and electric damage that are common to engineer equipment. Does not benefit from +% melee weapon damage effects, however, so you'd have to replace Weapons Expertise with Arcane Tools. Still works with Heavy Lifting, despite what the tooltip says.

    I'm not entirely sure which of these is really 'best' but any of them will work. It's just a shame Emberquake doesn't convert the damage to fire. The decision would be a lot more straightforward.
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    Demn, way more complicated than what I though :<

    So, after farming all my Limoany (Yay !) I decided I could try a Netherrealm Glaive slotted with 5 vastok.
    Turned out to be a really bad idea, wich makes me sad. I don't really know what I was expecting tho, but it really does little damage (except when the meteorite falls, My best crit is now 431k) and has a little DPS (15k with the glaive, while i'm running 27k with the Mechano.)

    But I really like how the glaive looks though, I mean, this weapon has been made to be wield by an engineer.
    I saw you recommended to slot Worlbarb to get 100% crit, but isn't my DPS to be low as **** ? Does crit% increase the WDPS ? Cause when I tried with the mechano, I didn't saw any difference between 1% and 31% crit in the WDPS shown in the arcana statistics.

    Is the glaive made to be played full strength ? could it work with elemental damage enchantement/gems ? (I'm trying to get the electric enchanter atm to give it a try.)

    Edit : forgot to thank you, thanks :D

    Edit 2 :
    Got a fire enchantement on my Glaive, +303 fire (yay ! wish it was electric though), bump my DPS from 15k to 20k
    Now I'm noticing that, when using Haste VI while wielding my Mechano, it bumps my DPS from ~25k7 to 27k1, but only adds 600 while wielding glaive.
    I guess ASB worth less once you passed 100% (that's just a guess, again, awfull at maths) I'll prolly try to replace 2 of those Vastoks with something else, maybe vellinques or elemental eyes.
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    DPS in the arcane statistics doesn't take crits into account. With 1000 str and the glaive, your crits will be doing 6x the maximum damage of a normal hit. This should outweigh the benefit of extra attack speed every time. No need to swing again when the enemy dies from the first blow.

    The glaive doesn't gain any benefit from focus by itself. It's still an option though for its great dps and crit potential. Any weapon you choose should be enchanted with more elemental damage regardless, which will benefit from focus.
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    Some updates here.

    I'm finally done with my enchants, spent most of the night with Borris (Huhu) rerolling to the infinite and beyond :
    Here is my set :

    My new stats :

    And my skillset :

    Fumble recovery is now a huge deal, since I'm now only loosing 1% damage on fumbles (wich happens quite a lot, 21%) and those crits really are welcome.

    Also, I've been playing around with my glaive, because even though I've been disappointed with the damage (I was honestly expecting to deal more than 90k/crit) I found something really fun. I didn't knew that Emberquake can proc Metetor Strike, wich result in a meteor rainfall, dealing a shitload of damage (Highest crit is now 923k, almost a million !). While really fun, it's still really random since sometimes 4 meteors while fall at once, while some other times nothing will drop for like 2/3 emberquake.
    I don't think that's a viable way to play because :

    1) Things are going to be "OK" with Emberquake
    2) Things that aren't going to be "OK" with EQ are prolly a threat in melee, thus spamming emberquake while in melee might not be the greatest idea
    3) The demn meteor takes SO MUCH TIMES to fall that anything under it will prolly be dead/millions miles away by the time it lands.

    I'm still looking for a weapon that would suit me, and I'll keep playing around with the Glaive in the meanwhile (still socked with 5 vastoks, looking forward to change that. Maybe 3 Vastoks/2 Vallinque ? 2 Vastoks/2 Vallinques/1 eye of grell ?)
    But so far, i'm fine with the Mechano Axe (overall better damage than the glaive so far, 85k crit vs 90k, but 7k DPS above) but I wonder how it will do in higher NGs ? is 27k WDPS enough ?

    @Geist :
    I understang why a 100% crit would, indeed, utterly increase my pratical DPS with AAs(Auto-attacks). however, since Emberquake&stuff are based on my WDPS, I'd loose way to much damage on them, also, I really don't like playing with such a slow weapon, because it makes kitting a pain, and what's the point of using AAs when it's just faster (or about the same) to use EQ, for even higher damage ?

    On a side note, I'll keep updating this post with what i've been up to recently and what I'm trying. I'm still planning on writting a build, but just not yet, still want to play around with the game mechanics to understand them once and for all.
    Feel free to comment, and tell me what you think !
    Edit : While beating the **** out of a dummy with my Mechano Axe, I realised that I'm usually critting at 86k (most of the time actually) but from time to time, it drops to 50kish, or even 30k. I would have supposed that this is due to armor (since, if I got it well, every "lines of damage" are reduced separately by armor, and since I've 7 if not 8 on my Mechano ...) but I'm bashing the thing sitting on ~-400 armor/hit, and would have expected her to drop to 0.
    Why is my crit damage so fluctuent ?
    Edit 2 : ^this only happens while Supercharge is active.
    - Figured it out. It's just that Supercharge sometimes overwritte damages shown, or look like it does.
    Edit 3: Added my skillset
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    Nice enchants! What you probably don't want to hear right now, though, is there are a few unique pieces you could substitute for some of the Mondon's. You don't need to worry about losing some of the set bonuses cause they aren't actually that good to begin with.

    Mantle of the Master Planner is almost the same item, but with even higher bonuses. Outercore gloves for +25% fire and electric, equivalent to 50 focus for EQ and CdG. The Belt of the Right Tools adds 20 dex, 10 vit, and another 35% fire. The Overwrought Pendant for another small boost and (combined with Willpower) immunity to immobilization - very nice for a melee class. Turquet Bands are a good way to stack some more focus as well.

    Proc'ing effects with EQ is pretty common, though usually it's done with Glacial Spike or Thunder. It can be a great increase to the overall DPS.

    EQ can crit too, at a somewhat reduced rate, but with 8 hits all potentially going critical you're still better off in general.
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    I already knew they were some pieces I could have swap, but aesthetics kinda matter too, and the mondon's set look great so I'll go with that :p I don't think there's a lot of difference between overkill and über overkill rofl :p I'm not planning on having the strongest engi ever, I just want to have a strong build that looks nice and is fun to play. However, I want to have that cool looking funny build as strong as it can :p
    Outercore set needs 200ish vita wich is kind of a pain :<

    Used a little trick I found myself to get the enchants I wanted from the Grandmaster enchanter, most of my items are now sitting at 195+, one is 200 wich is cool. Still have to re-enchant my gauntlet/belt, But I'm kinda sick of enchant for now, so I'll keep going with that.
    Need to get the skulls I need for my Glaive, but again, sick of farming phase beast.

    Stomped over Tarroch's tomb NG3+ elite ealier, I think i'll make a video about that, might interest a few people, also, I kinda feel like I want to show off, rofl :D
    I'll work on that tonight, But my upload connection scares me, might take a few years to put it on youtube :D
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    They don't harm the aesthetics either. The mantle has the same appearance as the Mondon's version, the gloves still mostly match, and the other items aren't displayed on your model anyway. The rings also lower requirements by 40 points so the added vit from those items gives you enough to wear Outercore without spending any actual points.

    It's true that you don't need to be 100% optimal to crush the game though. Grats on your victory.
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    I'll take a look at those items then :)

    When I first tried NG3+ I didn't had had any leomoany&stuff and my old stats. Got crushed on the first champion I saw; Came back "full stuff", rolled over tarroch. I wont say i'm disappointed cause that's basically why I farmed in the first place, but well, might feel a bit easy :p
    Can't wait to try NG5+
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    Alrighty, quick update here.

    So, ran through NG3+ and NG4+, barely took me an hour to complete NG4+,or would have, but demn alchemist didn't dropped Odrak's hearth, and only realised that once I killed the netherlord ... had to do the whole things again, and Odrak didn't dropped again ... had tor eroll the demn thing.
    Anyway, had absolutely no problem running through elite NG4+, took me about 15s to down the netherlord. So far, I can confirm this build is perfectly viable for elite NG++++.

    Did some changes to my skill set, dropped charge **** (turns out to be worthless by now, since getting full charges barerly takes 2 autos) and got Seismic Slam to 15. kept a point in charge **** cause I had a point to throw and didn't knew where to put it.
    After some extended test on Storm burst, I just can't stand it. here are some pros and cons I found :

    Pros :
    - Quick and straight dodge
    - Isn't stopped when hitting monsters
    - Quick animation
    - Huge knockback allowing to isolate a target

    Cons :
    - Cooldown
    - Get stopped by walls WAY TO EASLY
    - Works weirdly on stairs/irregular ground
    - Huge knockback that prevents to dash in ->EQ/combo melee

    As you may see, knockback on Storm Burst tends to backfire. Missed a lot of Storm burst -> Tremor/Slam/EQ because of that, but on the other hand it allows me to "duel" a threatning target for a few sec, wich is good. But, i'm getting stuck on walls way to much, and sometime it may be dangerous, there's nothing worst than not being able to dash out, because of random things like that. however, it works really really well for kitting/dodging ranged attack.

    But, I'll put onslaught on top 90% of the time. Onslaught has no cooldown, lands you right on the target, making comboing way easier, and bring a HUGE 50% slow-everything, wich combine with roflcopter greatly increase your group survavibility. Works also really well for dodging/escaping, even though sometimes you might jump on an enemy or do a weirdo backward jump that I can't really explain. On top of that, while I'm not totally sure about that, I think that it gives you some invulnerability frames while jumping. This have to be confirmed, but I survived a **** lot of fight I wouldn't have if it wasn't for this. So if anyone has any info on that, that'd be a HUGE pros for Onslaught. (I believe that you also get invulnerability frames while casting FF, again, if someone could confirm.)

    Here are somes updates about my stuff, skillset and stats :
    My stuff :
    ubfqwyQh.jpg - full size

    My glaive :

    My stats :

    My skillset :

    As said previously, it's not entirely over, gauntlet/belt are ugly and were done before I found that sweet trick to get what you want from Grandmaster enchantement.
    Spear isn't finished too, but I kinda like it this way.

    Also was thinking about what @Geist and I were talking about about full Worlbarb on the glaive to get 100% crit. you may end up loosing DPS when it comes to autos. Because in the same amount of time I'll do twice more AAs then you, ofc every of yours will end up critting, but as I'm autoing twice as fast and have 50% crit, we should end up with the same amount of crits, but I'll still have 50% more hit than you that didn't crit but dealt damage.
    EQ would be stronger full criting though.

    Also, I finally got my first legendary while running through NG4+, so yay to me :D
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    Yeah every class has a "teleport" type of skill similar to the mage's Frost Phase (but never quite as good) that lets you move through enemies unharmed. I've found Onslaught doesn't pathfind around simple obstacles nearly as well as Frost Phase does, and seems to have shorter range, but you take what you can get, right? Forcefield I'm not so sure about.

    As for autoattacks, a single crit will demolish any standard enemy, making a second swing unnecessary. If it's a pack of mobs EQ will always clear them more quickly, especially with double the rate of crits.

    But you don't seem to be having any difficulties so play however you want.
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