The Grand Regent

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Tomorrow I´ll fight The Grand Regent.
I´m playing an Embermage, and I want an opinon on what to transform my pet into: a Warsnout with Prismatic Morey and Frenzy Fish, or a Vampiric Spider (for the lifegain), also with Prismatic Morey and Frenzy Fish. Any advice is welcome.


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    asmodean wrote:
    Any advice is welcome.

    Assuming you're playing HCE or HCV, the best thing to do is to keep moving. If you're playing on an easier setting, you'll not need to move as much as your opponents will not be dealing as much damage when they attack.

    Either way, do everything you can to avoid the temptation of standing in place, spamming spells and risk being swarmed. Other than that, spam away with things like Prismatic Bolt (a must have, even if you allocate only one point; it's auto-targeting, and so terribly easy to use when you're busy dodging bad guys or running for your life quaffing potions) and them darn handy Spires of Fires (aka Blazing Pillars) - they too close in on the enemy or enemies, leaving you to concentrate on other things.

    Depending on your choice of skill sets, I also highly recommend using Thunder Locus... even though you have to plan ahead and strategically place it on the map in a location that's suitable (that means at a place between you and the target and then, to get the most out of it, you have to plan on running laps around it; thanks to silly AI, the bad guys will follow after you)... as it can wallop the opposition something fierce leaving you to regenerate mana and select another series of spells.

    I generally avoid using wands and staves in the boss fights as they're too slow, but I will use anything that comes equipped with a casting speed bonus (allowing for the quicker release of spells - the faster the better, of course).

    As for your pet, I'm a fan of the warbeast (look for warsnout fish) as it has good to excellent damage output, and when it's combined with a frenzy fish it wreaks havoc. Other than that, one pet is pretty much as helpful as another as it can run some interference for you... but depending on how things go, don't depend on your pet staying in the fight too long: if it's taking you more than 30 seconds to wipe out the Regent, make sure you enter with plenty of potions.

    Other than that, good luck and enjoy the battle - it's a bit more dazzling than General Grell, and gives you a fair amount of practice fighting while running. Considering some of the opposition you'll be encountering in Act 2 and Act 4, this is... you know... a good thing ;)

    Let us know how things turn out for you!
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    I´m playing Elite softcore, and playing a Frost Embermage, using a guide I found on this forum viewtopic.php?f=43&t=36991.
    I went with a heavily bufffed Warbeast, Skeletons, and Hailstorm as my main damage output. I took me about 5 minutes to beat the Grand Regent, but this time I was much better prepared, and with better gear. Close to 200 armor and pretty high elemetal resistance made it pretty easy.
    This is actually the first time I survived Act I, after many, many attempts. Feels great!
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    Clawed by the Manticore's Mate, and then crushed under falling rocks ends this run at level 28.
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